Window replacement is something that every homeowner will need to do at one point. Energy efficient windows can add value to your home, lower your energy costs, and keep your home comfortable through every type of weather. Read on to find out exactly why replacing your windows is prudent.

Why Do a Home Window Replacement Project?

Replacement windows can have a tremendous impact on your home, from improving the look to lowering your energy costs. New windows can raise the market value of your home in addition to making it look warm and accommodating to guests and passersby. At Weather Pro Windows and Doors, all of our windows are manufactured for added energy efficiency and can be custom designed to fit any room of your home.

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Replacement Windows

Cost vs Value

In a 2018 survey regarding cost compared to value, Remodeling Magazine stated that window replacement in modern homes can yield as high as an 83.4 percent investment return. Keeping this in mind, now is the time to consider replacing your windows. An agent from Weather Pro is ready and willing to help you find the right windows to improve the look and comfort level of your home.

Tips to Consider When Replacing Windows in Your Home

One of the major factors in replacing windows is the architectural style of your home. You will need to consider such factors as window glass and other features when selecting windows for individual rooms in your home. Following are some factors that will affect your decision-making process.

Replacement Windows

Window Operating Styles

The operating style plays a major role in replacing windows. Different windows have different functions, so you might opt for a certain style of window in your kitchen versus your bedroom.

As they are easy to operate and allow for ample natural light and ventilation, sliding horizontal windows are ideal for kitchen windows in such areas as over a countertop or sink. Another choice for these areas would be awning windows since their crank mechanism provides easy operation with one-hand. They are an excellent source of ventilation, as they open outward, thus shielding your home from rain, sleet, snow, or debris.

As some models of double-hung windows are designed with tilt-in sashes, they are easy to clean and upkeep. This makes them an ideal choice for homes with second and third stories, as you will not have to climb a ladder from outside your home to clean your windows.

Another thing to take into consideration when planning window and door replacement is the placement of furniture and other similar items in your home. If you wish to situate a desk in front of a window in your office, for example, casement windows would be perfect, as they too open via crank located at the bottom.

One of the best things about renovation windows is that you now have the chance to change your existing windows to a different operating style or even convert them to a sliding patio or garden door.

Keep in mind if you are going with French patio doors, which swing inward typically, they might interfere with furniture placement in the room. Consider French sliding patio doors or even an outward swinging French patio door in this instance.


For those windows that flank an entry, as well as bathroom windows, privacy or obscure glass options are a good choice. They will rule out the need for window treatments or coverings while still maintaining an ideal sense of privacy. These windows come in a wide array of textured patterns, colors, and hues for a translucent to semi-opaque appearance.

In addition, skylights and transom windows will fill a room with ambient light without interfering with the privacy factor.

Those who are concerned about noise reduction, such as those who live near high traffic areas, can opt for soundproof windows that are designed of laminated glass to help prevent noise pollution.

Curb Appeal

If you are looking to improve the curb appeal of your home, you should take time to carefully consider your replacement windows. Windows are the biggest factor that contributes to your curb appeal, second only to the architectural design of your home, whether it be ranch, modern, Cape Cod, colonial, or contemporary in style.

As the majority of older, traditional homes were constructed in times when the only available option for small window panes was glass, it only makes sense to maintain that look with stylish and elegant window grids and trim.

Typically, the windows in front of your home should coincide with the design of your home, to compliment the look. For most, this is a simple symmetrical and traditional look. This is definitely the case for those who reside in neighborhoods where the overall appearance of the front of a home is mandated by code. However, you are free to choose any style of windows you wish on the other sides of your home that do not adhere to these set regulations.


Replacement Windows

As they are assembled in configurations, patio doors and windows can open up a room while bringing in the outdoors, thus making the room appear larger. If you wish to add a grandiose feel to any room, consider pairing picture windows with arched half-round windows.

For those rooms that require ventilation, you can add casement, awning, single-hung, or other operational windows to your picture windows.

French or standard style sliding glass doors are also an ideal way to bring in the great outdoors without the space-limiting, inward swinging motion of typical entry doors or French style patio doors.

Safety and Security

Homeowners tend to be concerned about the security of their home, particularly on the first floor. If you wish to enhance the protection of your home but still provide optimal sunlight and airflow, you should opt for a combination of awning or casement windows with picture windows. When these windows are secured with multi-point locking systems, they are hard to pry open. For your living room, you can opt for an awning window, either below or above the picture window for style and convenience.

Replacement Windows

Most local building codes call for egress windows for bedroom windows. These codes will outline the size requirements for the opening for these egress windows to provide your family with a safe exit in the unlikely event of a fire or other similar emergency situations. In these cases, sliding horizontal or casement windows are the best choice, as they typically adhere to these codes. Discuss how to measure windows to meet these requirements with your windows supplier as well as your contractor.

Basement windows can be especially challenging, as they are also required by code to be egress style windows. For this purpose, horizontal sliding windows are the perfect fit, as they meet the requirements for egress window wells as well as provide sufficient ventilation and light.

Replacement Windows

For those homes with paths or walkways that are in proximity to your windows, you should consider windows that do not open outward. This includes single and double hung windows as well as horizontal sliding windows. This way you can still allow air flow into your home without constricting the outside pathway.

Children’s bedrooms should be equipped with windows that only open via the top sash, such as double hung windows. This will still provide ventilation while adding enhanced safety. Sturdy renovation windows with tempered glass are ideal for children’s rooms.

For optimal home security, consider tempered glass, as it is exceptionally strong. As opposed to shattering into rough pieces with sharp edges, it breaks into pebble-like bits, thus reducing the risk of injury. Most door and windows suppliers will offer tempered glass in their sidelights, patio doors, and children’s rooms, such as bedrooms, nurseries, or playrooms. In most cases, tempered glass is required for bathroom windows. You can discuss these options with your contractor or windows company to see what best suits your home.

Controlling Solar Heat Gain

For those who are looking to control solar heat gain from UV exposure, the ideal type of windows is those with low-E insulated high-efficiency glass. This will reject damaging ultraviolet rays and heat from the sun while still providing a good amount of natural light.

East and west facing windows receive low-angle natural light in the morning and afternoon, while south facing windows receive it every season with the exception of summer. This is especially true the further north you reside. This type of light can be blinding and cause issues for those using a computer or viewing television. In these rooms, you should utilize low-E glass high efficient curtains, shades, awnings, and low-overhangs.

Ventilation and Weatherization

Replacement Windows

For those rooms that require ventilation or if you love the feel of a gentle, natural breeze, think in which direction the wind typically blows in the area you reside. Strategically placed casement windows can greatly improve the quality of airflow in your home.

If there is an area of your home that is prone to blasts of cold air, you should opt for fixed windows, such as radius or picture windows, as these are ideal for protecting your home from the elements while still providing ample natural light. Always choose windows that are energy efficient. Small windows are often more ideal for these rooms.

For bathrooms, which require a lot of air flow, it is a good idea to install at least one operable window to prevent moisture. This will also require you not to have to rely on fans to help control the level of humidity in your bathroom.

If natural light and fresh air are your primary concerns, consider casement windows, horizontal sliders, and sliding patio doors for your window replacement. These provide optimal amounts of sunlight and ventilation. In addition, ventilation skylights are an ideal source of natural light. Moreover, they provide an escape for warm air that is trapped in your home.

Those windows that face east, north, and west are ideal for proving a balance between natural and interior light. However, they tend to drain energy in colder temperatures. Energy efficient replacement windows in these rooms can greatly reduce your heating costs.

What to Expect: Replacing Your Windows

Your contractor or windows manufacturer can help you determine if you need full frame or retrofit windows. Full frame will replace both the window and frame, while retrofit windows simply replace the window glass. Furthermore, they can help you decide what other features you need for your windows renovation project.

Contact the experts at Weather Pro Windows and Doors when you are ready for window replacement. You can count on us for professional advice from start to finish! Call us today to get a free quote for replacement windows and doors!