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Keeping your home in a good state of repair is much easier when you replace your existing windows and exterior doors with high-quality double-glazed units that are built to last. At Weather Pro, we specialize in replacement doors and windows, and can supply and fit a fantastic range of attractive, Canadian-made units that are guaranteed to provide you with many years of maintenance-free service. Once our team of professionals have installed them in your home, you can look forward to numerous benefits: some of the key benefits you stand to enjoy when fitting our replacement double-glazing units in your home are listed below for your convenience.


Don’t Miss this Window of Opportunity – Save Up to $1500

Rebates of up to $1500 through the Energy Efficiency Alberta are available for the installation of new, energy-efficient windows in your home. Upgrading to ENERGY STAR® triple pane, low-e, argon windows will provide greater energy savings as the area of the home covered by windows increases and based on the current windows you have in your home… Read More →

The Benefits New Windows and Doors in Calgary Have to Offer Local Homeowners

The great thing about replacement doors and windows is that they continue to bring benefits to the homeowner for many years after they are first installed. Among the most important of these are those in the list below.

  • Higher Property Resale Values – Homes with quality vinyl windows and exterior doors usually sell for higher prices than equivalent properties with wooden-framed units that have seen better days. Prospective buyers who see a home with sparkling clean window frames and doors naturally assume that the property is well cared for and are therefore more likely to make an offer after a viewing.
  • More Natural Light – When you fit new windows and doors in Calgary you can take advantage of the opportunity to install larger panes of glass that such a home improvement project offers. For example: instead of simply replacing a single exterior door at the rear of your property with a similar unit, you could choose to enlarge the frame and have patio doors installed. By doing so, you will increase the amount of natural light that penetrates your home, making it appear more spacious and airy.
  • Lower Winter Heating Bills – The type of modern windows and doors Calgary homeowners can have installed in their properties are very energy efficient. If your existing windows and exterior doors are older units that have seen better days, you could see a big drop in your winter heating bills after replacing them with modern units featuring low-e glass panels. This fact alone can more than justify the initial cost involved.
  • Less Maintenance – Wooden-framed windows and doors can last for hundreds of years if treated properly but the problem is, most homeowners are simply too busy to give them the care and attention they require. Unless you refinish them every few years, old-style window and door frames can rapidly deteriorate, to the point where wholesale replacement is the only practical solution. Modern vinyl units, on the other hand, require virtually no maintenance at all.

To find out how much it will cost to have our modern windows and doors in Calgary fitted in your home, call Weather Pro today and we will prepare a detailed quotation for your consideration. We are one of the most affordable suppliers in the area and have many years of industry experience.

About Weather Pro Windows & Doors

Weather Pro Windows & Doors has years of industry experience and our goal is to use our expertise to help each and every client that approaches us, whether a first time buyer or a long-time homeowner, to find the perfect windows and doors that meet all their needs. We specialize in Replacement Windows, Vinyl Windows, Entry Doors, Exterior Doors and Patio Doors. Weather Pro Windows and Doors proudly serves the Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg areas. Visit us on Google+.

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