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Winnipeg, the “Gateway to the West” is located very near to the longitudinal centre of North America. As such, it’s subject to all manner of extreme weathers, from the arctic blasts that come sweeping down over the northern plains to scorching summertime temperatures that come pushing up from the south and even the occasional tornado! If your home is not sufficiently weatherproofed to withstand the constant assault from Mother Nature you will find yourself bundled up indoors while your home loses value by the day.

Replacement Windows and Doors – Common Sense and More

Studies indicate that as much as 30-40 percent of the heat you pay for in an older home is lost through old windows and doors. Here are some major indicators that it’s time to have them replaced.

  • Single Pane Glass – Single pane windows went out with the 33 ? record album. If your windows are not at least double pane then you’re throwing money out the window. Literally.
  • Drafts – If you can feel drafts around the edges of the windows as well as under and around the doors it’s time to have them replaced.
  • Moisture Between the Window Panes – If you have multi-paned windows but you’re noticing condensation between the panes there’s a crack somewhere and the window can’t do the insulating job it’s designed to do.
  • Rotting Casements or Door Frames – If your windows and doors don’t open or close properly due to swelling or old, decaying casements or frames it’s time to replace them. It only takes a tiny space to let enormous amounts of heat out and cold in.

There are a lot of energy saving tips and tricks out there and if your home is in pretty good condition they’ll work just fine. But if your doors and windows have reached the point of no return even the smartest tip won’t do you much good.

Save Money, Increase Value

The experts at Weather Pro are Winnipeg veterans who know the unique challenges facing homeowners in this area and can provide a range of solutions to help you dig out from under the blizzard of utility bills. We have the real world know-how and experience to turn your home from the drafty log cabin it’s become into the comfy, cosy enclave it ought to be. When you choose Weather Pro you get more than beautiful, energy efficient windows and doors, you get:

  • The most experienced team in the business
  • A lifetime warranty on all of our products
  • Fully bonded, professional installers
  • Unparalleled customer service

Everyone at Weather Pro is dedicated to the task of achieving 100% customer satisfaction. We never cut corners, never leave you waiting and never install anything less than the highest quality windows and doors available. You’ll never find us hiding behind red tape or fine print and long after your installation is complete you’ll still find us here ready to answer any questions you might have. So give us a call today and discover the Weather Pro edge. Your home and your bank account will be glad you did.

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Weather Pro Windows & Doors has years of industry experience and our goal is to use our expertise to help each and every client that approaches us, whether a first time buyer or a long-time homeowner, to find the perfect windows and doors that meet all their needs. We specialize in Replacement Windows, Vinyl Windows, Entry Doors, Exterior Doors and Patio Doors. Weather Pro Windows and Doors proudly serves the Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg areas. Visit us on Google+.


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