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Ah Calgary. Home of the Flames, home of the Stampede, home of the… Alberta Clipper! People who live here are all too familiar with the demands the climate puts not only on themselves but on their homes. Few other cities in the world deal with the sort of weather extremes we do. And as a result, few places generate such enormous energy bills for homeowners. Weather Pro has been helping the people of this area get a grip on their energy bills for many years and we continue to help them today with our continually updated selection of cutting edge windows and doors.

What Weather Pro Can do for You

At Weather Pro we tame the Alberta Clipper by putting it back outdoors where it belongs. No more window insulation kits or sweaters at the dinner table. No more hanging blankets over the door to keep out the cold. All Weather Pro products reflect the latest technological and material advances, are remarkably affordable to install and will produce significant short and long term ROI. If your current windows and doors are…

  • Leaky, squeaky and drafty
  • Old, worn and unattractive
  • Beginning to represent a security risk
  • Sending your utility bills through the roof

It’s time to call the team at Weather Pro to find out how we can return your home to the secure, warm, economically affordable castle it once was.

What Weather Pro Promises You

  • Competitive pricing
  • Courteous, knowledgeable staff
  • Timely, professional installation
  • Fully warranted products
  • The most advanced windows and doors available anywhere

Why Weather Pro?

There are a lot of companies out there that will promise you the moon in return for your business so you need some solid reasons to pick one over the other. A few of the many reasons people decide on Weather Pro are:

  • Experience – We have years of experience helping homeowners release the hidden value in their home by upgrading their windows and doors. Our installation teams are some of the most experienced in Alberta and we bring those thousands of hours of experience to bear on every job we do.
  • Quality – The quality products you get from Weather Pro are unmatched in the industry. These are not the plastic jobs made in China that you’ll find on sale at the big box stores. Our products are made in Canada to conform to Canadian quality standards and cannot be purchased just anywhere.
  • Reliability – We show up when we say we will, do the job you expect us to do for the agreed upon price and when we leave your home is a better, more valuable place than when we found it. Every time.

Weather Pro Replacement Windows and Doors – In With The New

Nature, in the form of the unrepentant Alberta climate has taken its toll on many homes in metro Calgary forcing many homeowners to either fix up or tear down. If you love your house but have been at a loss to find a way to stem its slide into obsolescence call the team at Weather Pro and find out how we can help you pull it back from the brink.

About Weather Pro Windows & Doors

Weather Pro Windows & Doors has years of industry experience and our goal is to use our expertise to help each and every client that approaches us, whether a first time buyer or a long-time homeowner, to find the perfect windows and doors that meet all their needs. We specialize in Replacement Windows, Vinyl Windows, Entry Doors, Exterior Doors and Patio Doors. Weather Pro Windows and Doors proudly serves the Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg areas. Visit us on Google+.


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