Wrought Iron Entry Doors: Are They Right For You?

Edmonton Wrought Iron Entry DoorsWhat qualities do you look for in an entry door? If you said beauty, quality, durability, and security, then we have already have a few things in common! At Weather Pro Windows & Doors all the entry doors that we manufacture and install meet these high standards. Wrought iron doors are among the products that we offer, in addition to patio doors, decorative glass doors, fibreglass doors, and a wide selection of window options. There is no product we sell that we do not believe in, and our wrought iron entry doors are no exception.

If you are trying to decide whether or not wrought iron doors are the right choice for your new entry doors, then you have come to the right place. We will walk you through some of the facts and benefits of wrought iron doors, plus analyze how they compare to other quality entry door options.

Should you decide to consult with Weather Pro Windows & Doors about your plans to replace your old entry doors or simply want to purchase new ones for your home or business, our experts will sit down to have a conversation with you. We will begin the process by analyzing your goals and requirements, and provide you with all the information necessary to help you figure out whether wrought iron doors would be the right choice for you, or whether another option would be more suitable.

Features & Benefits of Wrought Iron entry doors

Why wrought iron? There are many reasons which make them a good choice, including the key factors we mentioned earlier: beauty, quality, durability, and security. Read on to see how our wrought iron entry doors meet these standards and more.The general framework of our wrought iron doors look like this: a wrought iron design, set within a door and door frame made of another strong material like wood or fibreglass. Although still known as “wrought iron” due to the way that the material is manufactured and shaped, today’s wrought iron inserts are actually made of steel. Steel has all the structural benefits that traditional wrought iron offers.

  • The steel that our wrought iron designs are made of is extremely durable and long-lasting. You will not need to worry about the material rusting or corroding; it stands up to the elements well, and can take more of a beating than wood or fibreglass can.
  • The wrought iron structure and design can take an infinite variety of shapes and forms. You may choose to have the wrought iron design take up the whole surface of the door, or may choose to have it be set in just the top half of the door, for example. Different shapes like ovals, triangles, or circles are all possible, as well as additional options like wrought iron transoms, arches, and sidelights.
  • The addition of sidelights and transoms, in particular, can greatly enhance the elegant visual impression that a wrought iron door will lend to your entryway. Without question, a wrought iron door will tremendously add to the beauty of your home. If you want to make a lasting first impression, this is a sure way to go about it.
  • Besides adding aesthetic value to your home, investing in wrought iron entry doors also adds concrete value to your home, easily upping your curb appeal. If you do happen to sell your home at some point in the future, you will be able to recoup the investment you made in these quality wrought iron doors.
  • We offer an incredible range of wrought iron designs, ranging from classic to contemporary. No matter what type of style you are interested in, we will have something to offer you, be it inspired by nature, abstract motifs, farmhouse architecture, or a Mediterranean feel. We also complete custom work for clients on a regular basis, and would be happy to work with you to create your ideal wrought iron door design.
  • Any wrought iron entry doors you order will be professionally fabricated by blacksmiths who have years of experience. Rest assured that their work will leave no rough edges, sharp corners, or other signs of shoddy craftsmanship.
  • After fabrication, the wrought iron is powder coated. Powder coating is a type of “painting” that is used to finish metal; it undergoes very high temperatures and leaves the final product with a completely even and very durable surface finish.
  • If you want to sleep peacefully at night, it is a fact that wrought iron doors offer greater levels of security. It is simply not that easy to get through a wrought iron door. However, you must also be sure that all your door and window hardware is of corresponding quality, to prevent easy break-ins via other means.
  • Like all our other doors, Weather Pro’s wrought iron doors meet Energy Star standards, meaning that the doors and frames are properly insulated. Weather stripping is also standard. The glass used in our wrought iron entry doors is always tempered and insulated; additionally you may select between coloured and textured glass if you so desire.
  • For easy maintenance, the glass panels on your wrought iron doors will open independently, allowing you easy access to all surfaces that may need to be cleaned.

Calgary’s Doors & Windows Experts

Are you still hesitating? That is quite understandable, as making decisions regarding entry doors is not always a simple or straightforward process. Make an appointment with one of our experts today to ask for more information about the various entry door options that we have available.

Weather Pro Windows & Doors guarantees you the highest quality materials and workmanship in all the doors and windows that we offer. All our products are made in Canada, and we are a fully licensed and accredited business. If you want quality and excellent customer service at a decent price, we are the company to come to.

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Not All Entry Doors are Right for Your home: What’s the Secret?

Many people think that doors are essentially a one-size-fits-all kind of product. As long as it’s the appropriate size and made from a sturdy material, what’s the difference? The truth is, there is a lot of nuance to consider when choosing entry doors for your home.

Whether you are replacing existing doors, are installing them into a brand new home, making the right choice requires diligence and a few helpful tips. During this article we’re going to fill you in on everything you need to know in order to make an educated purchase. Shall we get started…

Factors to Consider Before Selecting Entry Doors

The three most common materials are wood, fiberglass and steel. Each comes with its own pros and cons:


It’s important to choose a door that looks fantastic and fits with the existing décor of your home. Many buyers like wood for that exact reason; it comes in a variety of species and colours, and gives the home a wholesome aura.

However, these days steel doors come with beautiful vinyl or even wood veneers that look just as good as traditional wood entry doors, along with all of the benefits of steel. Fiberglass models are also made to mimic the appearance of wood.

Sturdiness and Durability

A steel or wood inner frame under a 24-gauge steel skin is very strong but has a downside when it comes to longevity. Pairing a steel door with an aluminium storm door can cause an excessive amount of heat in the summer months, potentially damaging the finish on a steel door. These doors generally degrade faster than wood or fiberglass.

Fiberglass doors are generally the most durable and require the least amount of maintenance. On the other hand, wood doors are popular for the aesthetic factor but tend to become warped when exposed to harsh weather conditions.


When it comes to the inevitable question of which door fits your budget, consider the following. Steel doors are generally less expensive than wood or fiberglass. If you’re in the market for a low-cost entry door, steel is probably the best option.

If you have a bit more money to spend, fiberglass doors are more aesthetically pleasing and durable than steel. And at the high end, solid wood doors are the gold standard.

Energy Efficiency

When choosing both windows and doors it’s important to consider the effect they have on your monthly energy bills as well as the environment. While steel doors cost less than other models they don’t provide the best insulation, meaning that heat escapes in winter and cool air escapes in summer.

Fiberglass doors tend to be the most energy-efficient overall. While you’ll pay higher initial costs than with steel, you’ll make back every penny with lower monthly energy bills. Wood generally stands in between fiberglass and steel in this regard.

If you live in the Edmonton, Calgary or Winnipeg area and are looking for a top-notch windows and doors specialist, we recommend you give us a call. We make custom-made entry doors from steel, wood and fiberglass and are certain to have a solution well suited to your precise needs.

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Weather Pro Windows & Doors has years of industry experience and our goal is to use our expertise to help each and every client that approaches us, whether a first time buyer or a long-time homeowner, to find the perfect windows and doors that meet all their needs. We specialize in Replacement Windows, Vinyl Windows, Entry Doors, Exterior Doors and Patio Doors. Weather Pro Windows and Doors proudly serves the Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg areas. Visit us on Google+.

When are Replacement Windows Necessary?

Windows are an integral part of any home and getting replacement windows installed is one of the best value home improvements a homeowner can make, with a full set of shiny new windows often increasing the re-sale value of the property. But that’s not the only reason to have your windows changed. Windows and window frames are exposed to a vast range of weather conditions, ranging from the summer heat to pouring rain to the sub-zero temperatures we experience during winter, and it is therefore not surprising that their performance will deteriorate over time. But when exactly should you have your windows changed? Should they be taken out and replaced after a set number of years or will it become apparent when the time is right? As one of Canada’s finest windows and doors suppliers, we can tell you that based on our experience, there is no universal answer to that question. There are however a number of things to watch out for that can help you determine when replacement windows are necessary, which we are going to explain below.

Replacement Windows EdmontonSigns that You May Need Replacement Windows

The following are simple tests and observations that the average homeowner can make on their own without any special equipment to assess the condition of the windows at their property.

Drafts Through Closed Windows

One of the main things to look for is an unwanted flow of air through your windows when they are closed. To do this, either work your way around each of your windows, using your hands to feel for drafts or hold a candle up against the frame of each window, and if it flickers this is a sign air is blowing through the window. Not only will this result in heat loss during the winter, and an unwanted increase in temperature during the summer, but it could also let moisture into your home which will encourage the growth of mold and cause the frames to rot if they are made of wood.

Peeling Paint

As you can’t paint vinyl windows, this step is only applicable if you currently have wood or aluminum windows. If your windows are particularly old, they are more vulnerable to this and peeling paint is a sign that they are not able to repel moisture. While this can be solved by simply repainting the frames and applying a stain, if the frames have absorbed too much moisture they may have begun to rot or rust, which can only be solved with replacement windows. You should also be aware that rot can spread from one frame to the next, and will severely affect both the appearance and performance of your windows.

Tough to Open and Close

Windows should be easy to open and close. You shouldn’t have to have a battle with them every time you want to use them. If this sounds familiar then if could be time for a change. There is a slim chance that they might just need a little oil, but more often than not, if it takes a considerable effort to push them open they will be beyond anything simple maintenance can cure.

Frequent Window Fogging

If you often notice the window clouding up as you sit down to watch your favorite TV show in the living room, it could be a cause for concern. I say could because it really depends on where the fog is forming. If it is forming on the exterior surfaces of your window panels, it is because there is a contrast in the temperature outside your home and inside your home, leading moisture to condense on the coldest available surface – your windows. This isn’t a scenario that will result in you needing replacement windows, but if the fog is forming on the interior surfaces of your window (between the panes), it could be a different story. Many times when a homeowner notices this problem, their windows are fairly old, and often the condition of the seal has deteriorated, allowing moisture to get inside. As the expression goes, “nothing lasts forever”, and when this occurs you will probably need to call a windows specialist to help you select a set of replacement windows that not only integrate well into your home’s existing decor, but that insulate your home efficiently too.

Hot in Summer, Cold in Winter

While a window’s primary role is to let light into your home, it should also keep your property properly insulated. If your windows are failing to do this, you could be paying over the odds to heat and cool your home each year. One easy test you can do to check whether your windows are sufficiently insulating your property is to simply touch the glass. If on a warm day the glass is especially warm, or on a cold day the glass is especially cold, this is a sign that your windows are not performing as they should and you might want to look at replacement windows that are more energy efficient.

Icy Build-Up on Windows

This is another sign that your windows aren’t sufficiently insulating your property. In winter, if your windows allow heat to escape from your property, the rapid change in surrounding temperature when this heat reaches the outside can cause condensation, which then freezes on the outside of your windows.

Can You Hear Noise Clearly?

Windows aren’t only designed to block heat loss, they should also minimize the amount of noise that you hear from outside your property. If noise becomes particularly apparent, which is often the case if you have old, single pane windows, then it might be time to get some new ones fitted.

If you go round each of the windows at your property and notice any of these tell-tale signs, then the investment required to purchase replacement windows in the short term, is almost always more cost efficient in the long term than sticking with windows that are in poor condition and are not able to properly insulate your property. Weather Pro has been supplying, fitting and maintaining high quality windows for a number of years and is a BBB accredited business. Whether you want a quote for some new replacement windows, or you want us to come out to your home and professionally assess the condition of your existing windows, give us a call today.

For help with purchasing replacement windows, call Weather Pro today.

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Weather Pro Windows & Doors has years of industry experience and our goal is to use our expertise to help each and every client that approaches us, whether a first time buyer or a long-time homeowner, to find the perfect windows and doors that meet all their needs. We specialize in Replacement Windows, Vinyl Windows, Entry Doors, Exterior Doors and Patio Doors. Weather Pro Windows and Doors proudly serves the Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg areas. Visit us on Google+.

The Most Compelling Reasons to Replace Your Windows and Doors

Windows and doors have become such an ordinary, mundane piece of our lives that we often forget their significance. They have the power to enclose and encapsulate our interior environment, to insulate our home, to separate it from the hardships of weather and storms. By opening exterior doors, we can connect two entirely separate environments, by closing them, we entrust that the barrier is secure. But what happens when our windows and doors deteriorate?

Why are Windows and Doors Important in the Home?

Temperature Control

Canada is no stranger to weather extremes. In Edmonton and Calgary, freezing winters provide ample excuse to snuggle away in the comfort of our homes. But we rely on quality windows and doors for that comfort; we trust that they will protect us from the elements, and prevent the cold from entering into our homes. Warm rooms should stay warm, and air conditioned rooms should stay air conditioned; this is what we can expect from windows and doors that are in good condition.

Aesthetic Appeal

Windows and DoorsBeyond displaying a great view of the outdoors, windows and doors can also add an aesthetic appeal themselves. Like an ornate frame to a beautiful masterpiece, the perfect vinyl window  or patio door can complement and highlight the appearance of your home. In decorating your home, consider the impact that windows and doors have on the exterior and interior appearance.

When Windows and Doors Deteriorate, Why is it Important to Replace Them?

Energy Efficiency

While windows and doors help with temperature control, a deteriorated window or door provides opportunity for temperatures to leak, condensation to gather and your energy costs to soar. The edges and seals of windows and doors are the most vulnerable to deterioration, and that is where the most leakage can occur. A wooden frame rotting, a seal warping with temperature, or dust and water accumulating to break the seal can all contribute to decreased energy efficiency. With these openings, your precious heat and air conditioning, and all the money paying for them, goes flying out the window.

Preventing Future Maintenance

A deteriorated window or door can provide constant annoyance by allowing noise to filter through, bugs to enter and temperature leakage. Little band aid fixes, like unappealing caulk or additional sealant, can resolve the issue for a short period of time, but require consistent maintenance. A high quality replacement window, especially those that Weather Pro offers, can serve your home for years with virtually no maintenance.

Opportunity to Improve Appearance

Just as windows and doors have the opportunity to highlight your homes features, a deteriorated window or door can have the contrary effect. Rotting wood or warped framing can draw attention to your home’s faults and away from the beauty of it. Replacement projects give you the opportunity to restore your home’s beauty, or even create a customized new look.

The entrances to our home have the potential to do a lot more than just allow entry. By investing in high quality windows and doors, we can save money on energy costs, impress our neighbors and friends with the beauty of our homes, and even make our home that much more personalized and “home-y”. To look further into buying windows and doors, either for home construction or as a replacement project, check out our website or call toll-free at 1-855-814-1PRO.

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About Weather Pro Windows & Doors

Weather Pro Windows & Doors has years of industry experience and our goal is to use our expertise to help each and every client that approaches us, whether a first time buyer or a long-time homeowner, to find the perfect windows and doors that meet all their needs. We specialize in Replacement Windows, Vinyl Windows, Entry Doors, Exterior Doors and Patio Doors. Weather Pro Windows and Doors proudly serves the Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg areas. Visit us on Google+.

Style Ideas & Inspiration for Exterior Doors

Edmonton exterior doorsAre you perhaps thinking of installing new exterior doors for your home? Or maybe you are deep in the complex process of planning and building your new home, and are wondering how to use exterior doors to dramatically enhance the style of your home.

At Weather Pro Windows & Doors we offer exterior doors in a huge variety of sizes, styles, materials, and forms. Our selection includes fibreglass doors, wrought iron doors, decorative glass doors, and various patio door options, such as French doors. With Weather Pro you can trust that our experienced designers and technicians will pay close attention to your every need, offering their professional advice and help as necessary. We would be happy to consult with you should you want to discuss your various exterior door options, but in the meantime here are some style ideas to inspire your imagination.

Going for the Bold & Dramatic

When considering various style ideas for your exterior doors, the first thing to remember is that beauty and personality is not simply about the door itself. Given, Weather Pro Windows & Doors manufactures and installs beautiful doors, but there is more to creating the perfect entrance to your home than the door itself. If you would like your exterior door to create a more dramatic statement than most, here are a few ideas:

  • Use colour, and use it well! The more conservative among us would usually choose a classic, time-tested colour for our exterior doors. Browns, blues, and greys are nice, but they do not lend a lot of personality to your home, if this is what you are going for. Your first instinct might be to shy away from a brightly coloured exterior door, but fight that instinct for a second and you might find that that lime green door is exactly what your home’s exterior needs to add that extra punch. Of course, you will need to consider if the colour in question might clash with another element in the surrounding area, but it’s also possible that it could complement your property’s surroundings, like the flowers in your front yard.
  • Spruce up your entryway. Line a walkway with shrubs or colourful flowers, or refresh your banisters and doorframe with a fresh coat of paint. Use the surrounding elements to enhance the beauty of the exterior door that you end up selecting. Perhaps you are using a calm, white and grey colour scheme for your home. Place bright blue flowerpots on either side of your doorway to frame the entrance simply, yet with personality to boot.
  • Create character. Use ornaments to give your exterior door a striking personality. Invest a little in a custom-wrought front door lock, for example, or look into getting a special wood carving embedded in your exterior door. You can explore the many options that decorative glass doors offer, or think about using other materials like stone or metal to give your exterior door that extra, original twist.

Classic Style Ideas

Perhaps you are interested in well-worn, classic elements to enhance your exterior doors instead. Here are a few things that you can do:

  • Use trim and charm. It is the details that give classic looks their subtle character. Think about the various options for how you might utilize intricate trim and moulding designs on the door and around the door frame. Or perhaps an understated portico would add that element of charm that has been lacking thus far. Further, you might consider expanding your door frame in order to incorporate a classic element like sidelights which will complement the entrance to your home.
  • Frame your door with stone accents. A nicely-framed entryway is always a classic, beautiful addition to exterior doors. Stone is an especially welcome addition, being one of the oldest, most durable building materials available. The statement and character that a stone-framed doorway makes is timeless. You cannot get more classic than that.
  • Use lighting to create the right atmosphere. This is one way you can easily enhance the appearance of your exterior doors. Perhaps two gas lanterns on either side of your exterior door would do the trick. All you need to do is use your good taste in selecting lamps that will create the effect you are going for. Place them symmetrically on either side of your front or back door to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.
  • Invest in a solid wood door. The inherent aesthetic value and quality of wood is unmatched when compared to other exterior door options. Nothing comes close to an attractive wood door; whether the design is simple or elaborate, and no matter what shade of stain you choose, your wood door will stand out. Choose other classic elements to highlight your exterior door, and the entrance to your home will be complete.

A Different Personality

If none of the options above interest you, you may be interested in a more contemporary or understated look and feel for your exterior doors and entryways. Or perhaps you would like to express something altogether different. Consider these ideas:

  • Keeping it casual works. If you are not interested in making a bold statement, or excited by classic elements, then feel free to keep it casual. Let your choice simply express the personality that you desire it to have. If you want to keep your exterior doors simple and free of trimmings and ornamentation, that could be made to work well. Maybe you are interested in a more carefree, natural look and feel, in which case you may indulge in a slightly crowded garden that may lead nicely to your well-kept front porch.
  • Incorporate the material elements. Consider your choice of colours and materials carefully. To create a contemporary look and feel, you will want to make sure that you select just a few primary elements, and make them work together flawlessly. You will not want to crowd out the best elements and create a “cluttered” look. Choose a concept and build upon it, whether that concept is “red”, “clean lines, zero clutter”, “farmhouse”, or “playful”.

Professional Manufacturers and Installers of exterior doors

At Weather Pro Windows & Doors we are truly committed to assisting our clients in making the best choices possible for their homes. Remember that all our exterior doors are Energy Star certified, and that we are a licensed, bonded, and accredited company. Call us for a free consultation today.

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Weather Pro Windows & Doors has years of industry experience and our goal is to use our expertise to help each and every client that approaches us, whether a first time buyer or a long-time homeowner, to find the perfect windows and doors that meet all their needs. We specialize in Replacement Windows, Vinyl Windows, Entry Doors, Exterior Doors and Patio Doors. Weather Pro Windows and Doors proudly serves the Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg areas. Visit us on Google+.

Why Vinyl Windows and Triple Pane Glass is the Perfect Combination

The benefits of vinyl windows over competitors like wood and aluminium are clear. In fact, vinyl is now the industry standard for residential housing. Why? They’re more durable than competitors and require less maintenance, they provide excellent insulation from the elements, modern designs can replicate the appearance of wood and they are highly resistant to water damage, rotting, corrosion and termites.

While the benefits are almost endless, the purpose of this post is not to try and persuade you to buy vinyl windows. In fact, we’re guessing that as a well-informed consumer, you have already made that decision. But we are going to tell you about the benefits of pairing your vinyl window frames with triple pane glass. Together, the two are a match made in heaven.

Vinyl Windows in EdmontonHow Triple Plane Glass Reinforces the Positives of Vinyl Windows

Having triple pane glass installed for either windows or exterior doors is not cheap, whether you’re building a home from scratch or putting in replacement windows. But the initial cost pays for itself throughout the life of the investment. Here’s why:

It’s more energy efficient

Because these windows have three complementary layers of glass they provide much better insulation than standard single pane windows. That means that during the summer months cool air stays and hot air stays out, and vice versa during the frigid Edmonton and Calgary wintertime. That adds up to a more comfortable home and lower energy bills; a win-win.

It’s sound proof

Just as these windows keep you safe from the elements, they also protect your ears from unwanted noise. Whether you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep, reading a good book around the fireplace or sitting down to a meal with your family, these windows will ensure that you and your family can enjoy the moment in peace and quiet.

It brings enhanced durability

Any window has the potential to break when hit by a hard object like a rock or baseball or even under serious weather. But triple panes are the most durable on the market. They’ll withstand more of a beating than any other window, which goes double if you combine them with vinyl window frames. That makes it less likely that you’ll find yourself shelling out for a costly replacement.

It increases the value of your home

Investing in high-quality durables for your house is the best way to increase its value. When it comes to triple panes, all of the factors listed above add up to a higher sale price if you should find yourself looking to sell your home. They improve your standard of living in the short term while serving as a good long-term investment as well.

Now that you know the benefits of both vinyl windows and triple pane glass for new and replacement windows, take some time to seek out a reputable installation company. If you live in Edmonton or Calgary, give Weather Pro a call; we’ve been one of the best in the area for years.

About Weather Pro Windows & Doors

Weather Pro Windows & Doors has years of industry experience and our goal is to use our expertise to help each and every client that approaches us, whether a first time buyer or a long-time homeowner, to find the perfect windows and doors that meet all their needs. We specialize in Replacement Windows, Vinyl Windows, Entry Doors, Exterior Doors and Patio Doors. Weather Pro Windows and Doors proudly serves the Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg areas. Visit us on Google+.

Why Buy Fibreglass Entry Doors?

At Weather Pro Windows & Doors we stand behind every product that we manufacture, sell, and install, and our fibreglass entry doors are no exception. All our products and services come with a comprehensive warranty, and our company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. If you live in CalgaryEdmonton or Winnipeg and are looking for new fibreglass entry doors for your home or business, you have come to the right place.

Why do we recommend fibreglass doors so strongly to our customers? The answer is pretty simple: in the current industry and market, there is no other option that is more practical, durable, and cost-friendly. There are of course cheap, poor-quality fibreglass entry doors on the market, but avoid those at all costs. At Weather Pro Windows & Doors, you will get quality products that you can trust will last you for years and years.

The Advantages of Fibreglass Entry Doors

How do you go about the process of selecting the right exterior doors for your home? Their function, size, energy efficiency, your budget, and the materials available are just a few of the things that you need to consider.

A Wise Statement and Investment

  • The front entry doors that you select will make a lasting statement about your home. There is no better way to create an excellent first impression than to invest in beautiful, quality fibreglass doors that will warmly welcome visitors to your home.
  • As far as price goes, fibreglass doors are a very wise choice and are reasonably priced. Solid wood doors are often marked up, as they are prized for their natural beauty. While fibreglass doors compare favourably to wood doors in every practical aspect, fibreglass doors are still sold for a much more reasonable price. Further, although fibreglass doors do generally cost more than steel doors, they also last for a comparatively longer time, and thus are worth the extra cost.
  • Not only are fibreglass entry doors a shrewd investment, but just by having these doors in your home will add to your property’s overall value. If you do plan to sell at some point in the future, you should be able to recoup what you initially spent on your fibreglass doors. These doors will also definitely add to your curb appeal.

Practical advantages

  • Fibreglass entry doors are incredibly strong and hold up well against any type of forced entry. They are heavier than any interior doors, and usually have three hinges to add extra strength. In combination with deadbolt locks, installing a fibreglass door will help you sleep more peacefully at night. Only steel doors have higher security ratings than fibreglass doors.
  • In addition to their strength, fibreglass doors are incredibly durable. Because fibreglass doors are moulded rather than assembled like traditional wood doors are, they have no joints or veneers. This means that there are fewer points on fibreglass entry doors that may be vulnerable to the elements. Fibreglass doors, in effect, have a completely non-porous surface. The composite material, unlike wood, will never rot. Further, the surface of fibreglass doors hold up extremely well against any accidental marks or scratches; it is much more difficult to dent than wood.
  • In terms of energy efficiency, few materials can beat fibreglass doors. They are usually filled with a special type of insulating foam that greatly reduces any kind of thermal transfer. At Weather Pro Windows & Doors all our fibreglass doors meet or beat Energy Star standards. It is an easy way to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • The energy that you will save as a result of installing a fibreglass entry door makes it a very environmentally-friendly choice. Better still, you will immediately start saving yourself money on utility bills. Further, installing a fibreglass door may also allow you to qualify for a tax rebate from the government. Call your local tax authorities to inquire about this possibility.

Aesthetic Appeal

  • Fibreglass Entry Doors edmontonMany people think that no material can ever match the earthy, natural beauty of real wood entry doors. Decades ago, this may have been the case. However, with today’s technology, fibreglass doors can accurately mimic the natural wood grain previously unmatched by any other material. No matter whether you want the look and feel of oak, mahogany, or cherry, you will be able to find the perfect fibreglass door.
  • Style-wise, you are guaranteed to find fibreglass doors that will match your personal sense of taste and design. Raised panels and detailed moulding are all standard features on fibreglass doors, just like you would find on regular wood doors. There are a huge variety of styles available, such as Craftsman, European, South Western, Modern, and Contemporary. Our talented professionals will work closely with you to find the entry doors that will perfectly suit and complement the beauty of your home.
  • In addition to all these aesthetic advantages to fibreglass entry doors, they also come with more customization options available to you. You may opt to have a decorative glass panel inset, for example; this is possible in a variety of different shapes. You may also opt to add a transom above your door. A transom is much like a window panel; it serves an aesthetic purpose and is designed to let extra light into your hallway. You could then take it a step further and add sidelights to your entry door; this will greatly enhance the elegance of your home’s entryway. If you do select any options that require the use of glass, rest assured that our glass options are impact-resistant and rated for their energy efficiency.

If you think that fibreglass doors are a good choice for you and your home, call Weather Pro Windows & Doors for a free consultation today. We will come to your home, examine your existing entry doors and door frames, and advise you on the best fibreglass replacement options available to you. If you are still unsure about fibreglass doors, consider some of the other options available; we also offer wrought iron doors and decorative glass doors.

Should you want quality from start to finish, Weather Pro Windows & Doors are the people to come to. Oftentimes, a good product can be compromised by a poor installation job. At Weather Pro we guarantee you a quality product, in combination with quality workmanship, installation, and customer service.

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About Weather Pro Windows & Doors

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Selecting the Right Glazing Option for Your New Replacement Windows

Shopping for replacement windows isn’t just about deciding what type of frame will best suit your requirements; you also have to give careful consideration to the glass that the frames will hold. And it’s not just a case of choosing between single and double glazing (or triple nowadays) either — there are many different options available to you that could have a positive impact upon your home.

Improved Energy Efficiency with Modern Glazing Options

Modern glazing options are specially designed to be more energy efficient. But what does that mean? And how is it going to benefit you?

  • Energy efficiency refers to the efficiency with which energy is used to produce its intended effect, and when talking about windows, energy efficiency refers to the heating and cooling of your home. If your windows are poorly insulated, heat energy may be allowed to escape during the winter, therefore driving up your heating costs. Likewise, when the warmer weather arrives, the same poorly insulated windows will allow hot air into your property, ensuring your air-conditioning unit won’t get a break all summer.
  • Selecting energy efficient glazing for your replacement windows will bring you a number of benefits. Firstly, you should see a significant dip in your annual energy costs, as both your heating system and your air-conditioning system won’t haven’t to work as hard (thus consuming less energy). Secondly, annoying draughts blowing through your home will become a thing of the past. In addition to improving the heating and cooling aspects of your home, energy efficient glazing will also protect you from outside noise, which can be particularly handy when you have an early start in the morning and are trying to get to sleep. Lastly, as you will consume less energy, your new windows will actually be helping to save our planet by lowering carbon dioxide emissions.

The Top Glazing Options for New Replacement Windows

Now that we have established how important window glazing is, it’s time to take a closer look at some of the most popular options that are available when looking for new, energy efficient replacement windows.

Low-E Glass

Replacement Windows edmontonWhen compared to some of the other options, low-e glass is actually very affordable. How does it differ to regular glass? Well, the glass is exactly the same, except it has a thin metallic film applied to the surface of either one or more of the panes in the window. This film is so thin that it’s practically invisible to the naked eye, and is usually installed during the manufacturing process. There are several different grades of this film too, each with slightly different characteristics. The effects this film has are very simple. During the summer months when it’s hot outside and the sun’s heat hits your property, it isn’t allowed to enter through the windows, instead being reflected by the low-e layer, ensuring the temperature inside your property remains bearable. Similarly, in winter this film prevents heat transfer through your windows, ensuring the heat is retained by your home. People often worry that this layer will block light from entering your property too, but that is a common misconception about low-e glass. It’s a clear film, as opposed to tinted, and natural light makes its way into your home normally; it’s the heat transfer that is controlled not the light.

Reflective Films

Just like low-e coatings, reflective films are a thin metallic layer that is added to the glass’s surface when replacement windows are being manufactured. However, they are often coloured, with gold and silver both being popular options. The end result also differs from that of low-e coatings as well, since the layer tends to block a significant amount of natural light from passing through the window, in addition to heat. This can be desirable if you have problems with the glare created by the sun’s UV rays, but one thing you will have to consider is the increased amounts of electricity you will use on artificial lighting, which will probably largely cancel out any money saved on heating and cooling.

Heat-Absorbing Replacement Windows

Reflection is not the only way heat transfer through windows can be prevented — absorbing the heat is another option, which is exactly what this type of glazing does. It contains special chemicals that if mixed with heat, cause a reaction that results in the heat being absorbed, therefore preventing it from transferring through the window. These type of windows are tinted and blue, gray and bronze are all common colours, which often fit in well with a property’s existing architecture. As with reflective films, these tints (some colours more than others) can block a significant amount of light from entering the property too. Blue and green tints are the best choice if you want to allow light to enter. One thing you should be aware of is that often a small amount of the absorbed heat will transfer into your property via re-radiation and conduction, which reduces their energy efficiency slightly when compared to other types of replacement windows.

Window Gas Fills

Practically every modern glazing unit is sealed, which means air and moisture is not allowed to flow through the spaces in between the panes of glass. An increasing number of window manufacturers now fill these areas with specially selected gases, typically argon and krypton, rather than just using a standard air fill. The reason being that these gases have a much higher resistance to heat transfer than air, which helps to keep warm air out in the summer and inside during the winter. These gas fills are often combined with the other window technologies we have mentioned, particularly low-e coatings, to produce replacement windows that are highly energy efficient.

The range of options when in the market for new replacement windows is now staggering, from window types and designs, to frame materials to specialised glazing options. In order to select the right combination, call us today to speak with one of our experienced representatives.

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Weather Pro Windows & Doors has years of industry experience and our goal is to use our expertise to help each and every client that approaches us, whether a first time buyer or a long-time homeowner, to find the perfect windows and doors that meet all their needs. We specialize in Replacement Windows, Vinyl Windows, Entry Doors, Exterior Doors and Patio Doors. Weather Pro Windows and Doors proudly serves the Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg areas. Visit us on Google+.