In years gone by, wood was the only material used to produce exterior doors. You could look up and down your street and it’s quite likely that all of the entry doors that you would have seen would have been made from wood. But as the years have rolled by, new manufacturing techniques and processes have led to the development of several rival materials (namely fiberglass) that now outsell wooden exterior doors at a significant rate. But why has wood been left behind? We’re going to discuss a few of wood’s shortcomings when it’s used to produce exterior doors and point out a few reasons why it might be an option that you should pass on.

Wooden Exterior Doors: Not As Popular As They Once Were

When buying new exterior doors, any reputable windows and doors contractor will tell you that selecting the materials is one of the biggest decision you have to make, and one that can affect not only the appearance of your new door, but also the performance. Here are a few reasons why wooden exterior doors might not be the best choice for your home.

  • Initial Cost – In relation to other materials that are used to manufacture exterior doors, wood is quite possibly the most expensive choice (and as you’ll find out further down the page, not just in the short term). There are far more economical options available and the aesthetic benefits this material is able to offer do not set it apart as they once did, with other materials now able to successfully imitate natural wood’s appearance.
  • Absorbs Moisture – Wood isn’t naturally resistant to water and must be regularly stained to keep moisture at bay. This can be a real issue in Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg due to the high annual rainfall that is typically received and this creates a lot of extra maintenance work. If the wood does absorb moisture at some point, this can lead to warping, bowing and twisting, which may cause the door to no longer fit snugly in the frame, further reducing your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Poorer Insulator – Wood cannot match modern materials in terms of its ability to insulate your home, which could cost you dearly in the long term. Fiberglass exterior doors are 5 to 6 times better at insulating a property than wooden doors are. What does this mean in practical terms? Well, you home’s heating and cooling systems will have to work a lot harder to make sure the temperature inside is kept at a comfortable level. And that additional energy that is used isn’t free…
  • It Fades Quicker – All materials will eventually fade and lose the clarity of their color when exposed to direct sunshine for long enough, but this process typically happens a lot quicker with wooden exterior doors. This means more painting, which is an extra maintenance task you just don’t get with other materials, as well as an added cost.

We encourage you to opt for a more modern material, such as fiberglass, not because they are exterior doors that offer us a better profit margin, but because they offer you a wider range of benefits, both short term and long term.

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