You’ve done a thorough assessment of your home and determined it’s time to purchase replacement windows. Great! Some time later, however, after the new windows are leaking water during rainstorms, rattling in the wind and fogging up on humid days you’re left with another kind of assessment: the kind where you have to determine what mistakes you may have made during the replacement process that undermined your efforts and led to this unhappy situation.

Replacement Windows: Live and Learn

Everybody makes mistakes. That’s why we have erasers on pencils and the ‘undo’ command on most computer apps. Figuring out where the mistake occurred is what turns a disaster into a learning opportunity and now we’ll try and figure out what happened with your window replacements.

  • Revenge of the Bargain Basement – Maybe, like a lot of folks, you decided that windows are windows and went for the bargain bin at the big box. Mistake. Contrary to popular belief all windows are not created equal, though the difference can be hard to see with the naked eye. It usually has to do with the quality of the materials and things like tolerances that don’t raise their ugly head until the rain begins pounding against the window pane.
  • The DIY Trap – Hey, if that guy can install vinyl windows then I can do it too. Right? After all, how complicated can it be? Well… how complicated can it be to be really good at chess? Not very; if you know the 4 billion possible moves involved. Same with window installation. There aren’t 4 billion variables but there are enough that if you aren’t aware of them you could wind up in a real pickle, real fast and… checkmate.
  • Revenge of the Subcontractor – Sometimes when you contract someone to work on your home they’ll hand off aspects of the work (sometimes the whole job) to subcontractors you never met and who aren’t exactly experts in the field. If the person you signed the contract with is not the same person who showed up to do the work this might have happened to you. Better read the fine print again.
  • A Tale of Two Contractors – On the other hand, if you failed to perform due diligence on the contractor you may get the guy you signed for but he may turn out to be something less than he claimed to be. During negotiations he said all the right things but when it came time to install the windows you overheard him on the phone several times asking his buddies for help and advice. Did you make sure the contract you signed had specific clauses detailing the contractor’s liability?

While we understand replacement windows can be a sizeable investment, in the long run top quality aluminum and vinyl windows are worth every penny. They’ll add real world value to your home while cutting your utility bills and making your house more secure. If you’re considering replacement windows for your home try and take the long view by purchasing high quality products and having them installed by trained, reputable installers.

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