Window Replacement Can Prevent Condensation on WindowsHigh energy costs and condensation on windows can be prevented by simply repairing or replacing your windows. Energy efficient windows can actually lower your energy bills by almost half every month. You might notice as much as a 40% reduction in your heating and cooling costs if you have energy efficient windows.

But how do you decide if you need to replace your windows Edmonton? All you need to do is perform a simple inspection of the state of your current windows. Read ahead for more information.

How Replacement Windows Can Help Deter Condensation on Windows

Condensation happens when droplets of water form on the surface of a window, usually the outermost surface. Condensation on windows can occur any time of the year, but is most often during the colder months. As Edmonton windows can be quite harsh, with temperatures dropping rapidly from hour to hour, condensation is bound to form on your home windows. In addition, due to rain and humidity in the other months, it can also show up on your windows during the other seasons.

Whenever there is a high amount of moisture in the air, window condensation may form. Any time warm air meets with the cool or cold glass surface, droplets of water are present on your windows. This can affect the insulation of your home, thus increasing your energy costs.

New Edmonton windows can help deter condensation on windows. Replacement windows, such as vinyl windows, are more energy efficient as they are designed to meet the current Energy Star requirements. As well, you can ask for double or triple pane windows with inert gases such as argon or krypton inserted between the panes for additional insulation. This can prevent heat loss which then makes hour windows less susceptible to condensation. In effect, you will notice a decrease in your energy costs.

How to Determine if You Need Window Replacement

Are You Noticing Increased Condensation On Windows?

If so it might be time for new windows. Once your new windows are installed, it may take some time for the new windows to settle into the structure of your home. But over time, you will notice less window condensation and lower energy bills!

Are Your Current Windows Functioning Properly?

If you notice that your current windows are no longer opening and closing with ease, it might be time for window replacement. As well, if they are not locking securely or you notice cracks, dents or warping in the window frame, you should consider new windows. Windows that do not lock or shut properly could be a safety hazard.

Installing new windows will provide you with ease of operation. As well, today’s vinyl windows are easy to clean and low maintenance. And they all come equipped with study locking mechanism. You can ask for additional locks to add to your peace of mind against home invasions. Most modern window styles can be designed with multi-locking systems.

If you are noticing more condensation on windows than usual, consult your local windows company to discuss which windows will be the most energy efficient for your home. You will be overjoyed at the amount of money you will save on energy costs.