Budgeting for home renovations costs can put a huge dent in your finances. However window replacement does not have to break your budget. Determining window price by size, style, installation cost and other factors can help lower the final cost.

Window replacement cost should be taken into consideration when it comes time for home repairs. Most homeowners only replace their windows when they want to improve the look of their home. New windows not only enhance the curb appeal and market their energy eneficinety can help lower heating and cooling costs.

Read on to find out more about the factors than contribute to window prices.

Window Prices by Size, Style, Etc: Factors That Contribute to Window Cost

Window Prices by Size

The size of the window factors into the replacement window cost. Smaller windows like awning windows in your kitchen or bathroom will be relatively less expensive than a large bay, bow or picture window in your home office or living room. However, if you wish to add custom designed features such as additional locks and hardware, elegant window grids or stylish decorative glass features, you will incur a greater cost.

Window Prices by Type of Installation

Retrofit Installation

Are your current window frames still in good working condition? If so, you might be able to go with retrofit installation in which your new windows are simply installed into the already existing window frame. In this type of insallio, the window jambs and frame will be left intact. Obviously, as less manual labor is involved this type of installation is less expensive.

Full-Frame Installation

Are the frames of your existing windows starting to warp or rot? If so, full-frame installation is the recommended course of action. In this process, both the frame and the window are totally replaced, including the interior trim, exterior brick mould, jambs and the window pane itself. Of course, this is the more expensive option, but then new windows are more energy efficient and durable.

Window Prices by Window Style

The style of window which you choose can greatly affect the cost. Crank windows are costly than sliding windows. However, they are the better choice when it comes to energy efficiency. The crank on awning or casement windows is encased in a compression seal as opposed to weather stripping which increases their energy efficiency and durability. Also, crank windows provide superior ventilation as they open outward (and can be designed to open inward) thus preventing rain, sleet or snow from entering your home.

Window Prices by Window Pane

Single pane windows have been in use for decades and are still a popular choice for older homes. However, their double or triple  pane counterparts  are the preferred choice for those who value energy efficnetly Double and triple pane windows can be filled with inert gases for added insulation. This helps prevent condensation from forming on windows as well as keeping the cold air at bay during the harsh winters we experience in Canada.

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