Window Replacement in SaskatoonWhen most homeowners think renovation they think kitchen or bathroom. This is understandable since those big ticket projects tend to receive the lion’s share of the remodeling press. But when it comes to creating value there’s another type of project that’s unmatched yet often overlooked: window replacement. Anyone serious about wanting to make an investment in their home that will pay dividends for decades needs to put window replacement at the top of their wish list for 2016.

Why Window Replacement in Saskatoon Makes Sense

Window replacement in Saskatoon is the type of home improvement project that isn’t glamorous but makes sense on just about every conceivable level. Below are 7 reasons why:

  • Airtight Efficiency

    – New vinyl replacement windows will turn your leaky windows and frames into impermeable extensions of the wall itself. No more window insulation kits. No more stuffing rags and paper towels into cracks around the window frame. No more wearing sweaters to the dinner table.

  • Energy Savings

    – When you replace your leaky old single-pane windows with new, double-pane vinyl replacement windows reduced energy bills will become the new normal. Your new windows could actually pay for themselves in only a few years just with the money you’ll save on your heating bills.

  • Enhanced Curb Appeal

    – Your new windows will immediately add significant curb appeal to your home. Replacement windows don’t advertise themselves the way landscaping or even new siding will but the impact they have on the way people perceive your house from the street is every bit as significant.

  • Reduced Noise

    – Another benefit of replacing your old single-pane windows with new double or triple pane windows is the reduced amount of street noise that will permeate the house. Many homeowners are shocked at how much quieter their home is once they’ve installed vinyl replacement windows.

  • Greater Security

    – Old, loose, single-pane windows with rotting casements are the number 1 target of opportunistic burglars. When you replace your old wooden windows with new vinyl windows you remove the ‘welcome’ mat for thieves and make your home a safer, more secure place for everyone.

  • Easy Maintenance

    – New, double-hung windows can be easily tilted inward to clean up in a snap. No more having to hire window cleaners to reach those inconveniently placed 3rd store windows. Now, cleaning is as easy as 1,2,3 and you can spend the money you save on window cleaners on something more interesting.

  • Improved Air Conditioning Efficiency

    – When they think of window replacement most people focus on how much they’ll save on their heating bill. But the fact that your home is no longer the neighborhood’s largest block of Swiss cheese also means your air conditioning system will work more efficiently as well.

Before you start drawing up plans for a bathroom renovation think about the one project that will not only add market value to your home today but save you money every day for years to come: window replacement. Then call Weather Pro to find out just how fast and easy window replacement in Saskatoon can be.