Homeowners in Toronto & GTA area, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina & Saskatoon areas are always looking to cut costs on their energy bills. Window tint film is one of the ways in which you can increase your energy efficiency, thus lowering your heating and cooling costs. But, how do you decide if you should get window tint film or window coatings?

Keep reading to find out the main differences and advantages of the various types of films and coatings for window replacement  in Toronto & GTA area, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina & Saskatoon areas.

Which Is More Efficient: Window Tint Film or Coatings?

Window Tints

If you are confused about the difference between window tints and window tinting film, you are not alone. If your primary concern is to prevent damage from sunlight to the interior of your home, then tinted windows are the way to go. Keep in mind though that the window tint, while keeping the UV rays from entering your home, will soak in the light, thus causing the windows to overheat. This can lead to higher energy bills and even cause cracks in the window pane.

Window tints are ideal for those who value privacy but are not the right choice for those who are looking to lower their energy bills. Window coatings or films might be the preferred choice as you will read below.

Window Films

Window films reflect sunlight from your home instead of absorbing it as do window tints. This prevents them from overheating, which is a plus during the hot summer months. They are highly energy efficient. However, they obstruct the outside view and lower the amount of natural light, so they are not a good choice for those who choose natural light and a nice view over privacy. You will have to depend on artificial lighting more than sunlight, which is often a deterrent for many homeowners in Edmonton.

Window Coatings

The best means of lowering energy bills is window coatings. They are far more superior compared to window tint film when it comes to energy efficiency.

Low-E (Low-Emissivity) coatings have thin particles of metal covering the surface with the purpose of heat loss prevention, solar gain increase, and an unobstructed view of the great outdoors and natural lighting allowance.

As lower energy costs are a primary concern amongst Canadian homeowners, most of the windows produced today are designed with low-E coatings. These windows are especially recommended for those windows that face south, east, and west due to the fact that windows facing these directions tend to be exposed to the greatest amount of sunlight. Adding a second or third window pane will only double the energy efficiency, as the additional panes provide an extra layer of low-E coatings.

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