If you’re looking to buy a new doors in Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary & Saskatoon, look no further than here at Weather Pro. With a dedicated team of professionals, expert knowledge and a score of happy customers, we’re confident that we can deliver you the high quality product and service that you deserve.

The Importance of Good Doors in Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary & Saskatoon

Here at Weather Pro, we understand that a door is more than just something you close behind you – it’s something much more than that. Think of all the memories you have of doors – of loved ones coming through them, of seeing something great beyond them and of the feeling you get when you walk through one after a long day – and we’re sure you agree. That’s why we only stock the best here at Weather Pro, and why you should consider buying a new one.

Our Doors in Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary & Saskatoon

With several to choose from, we’ve got a good range of doors here at Weather Pro and we’re certain you’ll find the right door for you. Our range includes:

  • Wrought Iron Doors – For a big, strong door that really creates an impression, you needn’t look further than the wrought iron door. With a range of patterns on display, you’re getting both a strong and beautiful door.
  • Decorative Glass Doors – Perfect for adding a touch of class, our decorative glass doors are customizable to ensure you never feel like you’re buying just another clone off a shelf, giving you a truly unique product in Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary & Saskatoon.
  • Patio Doors – Perfect for access to a yard, our patio doors are energy efficient and made from high quality materials, giving you a fuss-free door that’s perfect for those with little space.
  • Fibreglass Doors – These doors have a wood-like finish without the high maintenance that’s required with a wood door, giving you a strong and energy efficient door that’s perfect for Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary & Saskatoon.

Despite being different in style and appearance, you can expect the following from each of our doors in Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary & Saskatoon:

  • Energy Efficiency – Keeping the heat inside your home in winter and outside in summer, each of our doors are effective when it comes being energy efficient and can save you a small fortune on your energy bills.
  • Safe and Secure – With modern safety features such as the multipoint lock system available, you can count on our doors providing a high level of security to your home, keeping your home and those inside it safe.
  • Curb Appeal – Each of our doors is not only a practical choice, but a good choice aesthetically too. Doors are the first thing people notice about any home and something people interact with every day, and so by picking our new, customizable and beautiful doors you can really spruce up the appearance of your house.

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