windows and doors WinnipegWindows and doors are designed to do two things: allow people and light in and keep unwanted intruders and weather out. Therefore, when selecting new windows and doors for your home it’s imperative that you look beyond pure aesthetics and consider how your choices will serve you in regard to dealing with the weather. In this post we’ll look at some of the most important weather-related factors to consider when purchasing new windows and doors in Winnipeg.

New Windows and Doors in Winnipeg Keep the Outdoors, Outdoors

The weather will play a large role in determining the right windows and doors for your home. Below are just some of the ways the weather will, or at least should, impact your door and window choices.

  • Humidity – While humidity can be an important consideration in the selection of appropriate windows and doors in some area’s it’s not such a big deal in Winnipeg, where the climate is fairly dry year round. Because of this vinyl, aluminum and even wood will be acceptable materials for your windows and doors; which is good news for those who value choice.
  • Temperature – While humidity is pretty much a non-factor in Winnipeg temperature takes the stage front and center. It gets cold on the Alberta prairie; really cold. And it stays cold for months at a time. For this reason you may want to tilt your material preference toward vinyl replacement windows since vinyl, unlike aluminum, has little ability to conduct heat or cold.
  • Sunlight – The Alberta climate is one where sunshine often wins the day. So while it’s dry and cold outside it will often be sunny at the same time. If you have many windows in your home that face the sun at some point during the day you may want to select windows with UV filters in order to protect your rugs, furniture and artwork.
  • Wind – The wind can work up quite a head of steam as it comes barreling down across the plains of Alberta. You need to make sure your new windows and doors are capable of standing up to the onslaught. Casement windows have proven time and again to be a particularly good choice for windy climates like Winnipeg.
  • Proper installation – You can buy the best windows on the market but if they’re poorly installed it won’t matter. Whether or not your windows and doors win the battle of the elements is largely dependent on the quality of their installation. If windows aren’t properly mounted you’ll get drafts inside the house on windy days and lose heat on the coldest nights.

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