You might think that once you’ve chosen the material your replacement window frames will be constructed from that the job is as good as done. Think again! Making the decision that vinyl windows are what you would like to have fitted is just part of the process. For starters, you will need to assess the range of glazing options that are available nowadays, which can potentially affect the level of comfort in your home as well as your home energy bills. One of the other things you will need to decide on is the style of windows that you want. Your new windows will have a significant impact upon the exterior aesthetics of your homes, so it’s important to select a style that fits in well with other architectural elements of your building. At Weather Pro, we believe in educating our clients so they are aware of all style options available to them, and help them to envisage what each one would look like if installed at their home. The following are some of the most commonly selected types of windows.

Window Styles That Could Be Used For Your New Vinyl Windows

Single Hung Windows

Also known as single sash windows, this type of window is one of the oldest styles that exists. They have been installed in properties for hundreds of years and continue to be popular owing to their ability to add real charm and character to your home. They are called single sash windows since they only possess one movable section (or sash), which in most cases is the bottom section. To open the window this section is simply pushed upwards.

Double Hung Windows

Owing to their greater flexibility, double hung windows overtook their single hung counterparts and have become one of the most common choices for people looking to have replacement windows installed. Both the top and the bottom sections are able to move, which is particularly handy in summer when temperatures inside your property rise, as both sections can be opened slightly to provide a constant flow of fresh air to the room. As the sashes move up and down and don’t open into the room, they are also more space efficient, which is another reason to choose this style for your new vinyl windows.

Casement Windows

Instead of pushing the sashes up or down, casement windows have the hinges fitted on one side and open outwards, similar to doors. To open a casement window you have to use some variation of a crank mechanism. They all well known for being adept at protecting a home from the elements when closed; in fact the only type of window that is better at preventing airflow or moisture getting in is a fixed window. It’s also possible to add a number of custom design elements to casement windows and it’s a common style used for vinyl windows.

Awning Windows

Awning style windows are like a casement window turned on its side. Apart from the fact that they are a horizontal window, the other major difference is that the hinges are attached to the top edge of the window sash, as opposed to the side. This is not a window style that you’ll want to use for all your replacement vinyl windows, and is often only used in areas of a property which don’t allow for other window styles to be installed due to a limited amount of space. They do have a number of benefits over other styles though, with their ability to be installed high on a wall and provide adequate ventilation for a room without compromising your privacy being among the biggest.

Bay Windows

If you have a larger budget at your disposal, you may want to consider having one or several bay windows planned for your new vinyl windows. Why do they cost more than other options? Well, it is mainly because of the way they are constructed, which require more materials than other window styles. The window typically contains 3 to 5 sections, with the middle section being parallel to your property’s exterior wall. The other sections are then angled as they connect to the wall. The most common areas of a property to have a bay window installed are the living room and the bedroom. Bay windows are well liked for their ability to bring more light into a room and to make the room appear more spacious.

Bow Windows

Many people are not quite sure what the difference is between a bay window and a bow window. While it’s true that they do look similar, there is one main difference. The center panel on a bay window is often bigger than the other panels, but on a bow window all the panels are the same size. This produces more of a gradual curved effect, rather than the sharp angles that are often apparent with bay windows. The benefits are similar though, and many real estate experts say that having one of these window styles installed can make your home more appealing and add to its market value.

Picture Windows

Picture windows differ to all the other styles we have discussed so far as they can’t be opened or closed. They are designed to provide a frame for a beautiful view from your home. They can be installed just as a fixed picture window, or they can be combined with other styles of window to allow for air to be circulated in a room. You probably wouldn’t want all your new vinyl windows to be installed in this style, but standard picture windows do offer several advantages. Do to the lack of moving parts, there is less that can go wrong, and this also usually brings the price down too. It’s possible to have a picture window installed in a variety of different sizes or shapes and they are renowned for letting a lot of natural light into the home.

Should you require further help in selecting a style for your new vinyl windows, the design team at Weather Pro would be glad to assess your homes existing architecture and make recommendations based on their extensive experience. To talk to a member of our design team or for any further advice, please contact us today.

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