You have windows that will accommodate every need that you have; it is just a matter of choice between the various types of windows available. If you need to add light to a room, there is a window for that. If you want a window that will make a room look bigger or one that will help ventilate the space, there are windows for those needs as well. There are windows that are designed specifically toward the various needs in a home. There are two types of windows that tend to stand out as most popular lately, those being bay and bow windows. Edmonton windows hopes to clarify your understanding of this similar yet different window styles.

Bay windows are possibly the most popular with their wide view of scenery due to their triple paned construction. These windows are popular for living and dining areas. While their use is not limited to these locations, they work well in any area of the home where you wish to obtain beautiful views from floor to ceiling. One of the pitfalls of this type of window that some people are not fond of is the protrusion of the window from the outer wall surface of the home. Simply stating that you want to obtain a bay window is not informative enough. There are variations on the bay window that you can choose from as well. You can decide whether the angled bay, the sun bay, or the garden bay window suits your needs best.

Discovering the Bow Window

If it is picturesque views that you are hoping to achieve, then the bow window is one of the window types that you want to take into serious consideration. The multiple casements that are joined together to form an arch allow for breathtaking views to be obtained from this window type. These types of windows do not protrude out from the wall like a bay window does, but with their size and construction, they do create an area that is perfect for a window seat, perfect for lounging in on a sunny afternoon.

These windows typically range in size from around 4 feet wide to 13 or more feet wide. In most cases, these windows have 4 to 5 sashes in their composure but can have more or fewer sashes depending on their construction. These windows are often placed under an overhang as is the bay window. If there is not enough overhang, then a small roof is built over the window to assist with different water and other weather-related issues.

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