Types of Eco Friendly WindowsAs the Earth is aging every day, more and more homeowners are trying to “go green” to save the planet. Did you know that by replacing your existing windows with eco-friendly windows you can help save the Earth as well as improve the energy efficiency of your home?

Read ahead to find out more about how eco friendly Saskatoon windows can help the environment. This information will help you make the best choice when it is time to replace your windows.

Facts About Eco-Friendly Windows

What Are Eco-Friendly Windows?

It is high time to disprove some current myths about eco friendly Saskatoon windows. For any window to be labeled as eco-friendly, the complete unit including the frame, glass, fixtures, and other add-ons much be in total compliance. As such, the window frame itself must be made of high quality and durable materials, such as wood or vinyl, as they are low transfer and eco friendly. In addition, the frames must be water resistant, waterproof, and air-tight.

Now when it comes to the window pane itself, in order to be classified as eco-friendly, it must be triple or double pane. Windows that have double or triple panes are both eco-friendly and energy efficient in that they prevent condensation from forming on the window pane. Triple and double pane windows are filled with inert gases that prevent hot air from leaking through the windows. Inert gases do not cause any harm to the environment and, thus, are provided for eco-friendly windows. 

Another factor that makes for eco-friendly windows is Low-Emissivity, or Low-E, coatings. These coatings are applied to the window pane to help lower the amount of natural light that enters through the window. Thus, eco-friendly replacement windows benefit Saskatoon homeowners in that they help prevent both air leaks and heat loss, which helps keep your home at a steady temperature despite the weather outside.

Eco-Friendly Window Materials


Vinyl eco friendly windows are one of the most popular windows in that they are extremely durable, highly energy efficient, and cost-effective. One of the cons of vinyl windows is that they are available in fewer styles than their counterparts when it comes to color and texture. However, for those concerned with skyrocketing energy costs, vinyl windows are the most energy efficient option, which can make a huge difference in lowering heating and cooling costs.


The best choice for eco-friendly windows is fiberglass. However, it is the most expensive window material. The fact that these windows will last for a long time and are resistant to damage from denting, rotting, and warping will help deter the cost, as they will not need a great deal of upkeep and repair.


Those who prefer a more traditional looking window for their home usually opt for wooden windows. They cost less than fiberglass windows and are indeed elegant for older homes. However, wood windows are prone to such conditions as warping and rotting, as they are not able to withstand harsh weather conditions as well as other window materials.


Aluminum is the most popular choice for windows, as it can withstand even the harshest weather due to its high durability. Keep in mind that aluminum windows tend to warp as they age; thus, they do not have a longer lifespan as do fiberglass and vinyl windows. 

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