Homeowners in a urban or other well-populated area, are well aware of the need for soundproof windows. Noisy streets, traffic noises, loud neighbors…all of these things could be a nuisance to those who prefer a quiet, peaceful existence.

When it comes time to replace your windows Saskatoon you might want to upgrade to windows that are soundproof, as well as energy efficient and stylish.

The following article contains advice on how to soundproof windows.

Tips for Shopping for Soundproof Windows

Check the STC (Sound Transmission Class) Rating

When you begin the process of shopping for soundproof windows, one of the things you need to look for is the STC, or Sound Transmission Class, rating.  If a windows company does not have the necessary information on the STC rating of the different window styles they carry, then chances are their windows are not soundproof. A reputable company would know this information when asked, or even have it displayed.

Opt for Triple Pane Windows

Most homeowners have opted for at least double pane windows when it comes time for window replacement as they are more energy efficient. However, many homeowners are now turning to triple pane windows as they are the best when it comes to both energy efficiency and noise reduction. Triple pane windows are known to reduce noise pollution at a rate of 20% more than their double pane counterparts.

Upgrade to Soundproof Glass

A lot of window companies offer their own version of soundproof windows containing soundproof glass, or SSP glazing (Sound, Security, Performance). This option is typically available with double pane windows, which have been equipped with a temper inner-pane that is made thicker to for noise reduction. It not only drastically reduces noise pollution, it also makes the windows more sturdy and secure as they are shatter-resistant.

Tips for Soundproofing Existing Windows

If you have recently replaced your windows, it obviously does not pay to have them replaced simply to reduce noise pollution. Following are some tips on how to reduce noise pollution on your current windows:

  • Caulking:

Caulking your existing windows is a great way to help soundproof windows. Caulking may dry up as it ages and sound travels through air. Simply re-caulking your window frames can greatly reduce noise pollution.

  • Laminated Glass

If the issue does not lie within the caulking seal, you might want to install a laminated glass pane into your current window. This is cheaper than buying new windows. However, if you choose this option, your window will no longer be operable. This is not a good idea for those areas that require ventilation.

  • Retrofit Laminated Glass Installation

If either of the above are not the solution, you can consider retrofit replacement. In this option, a new laminated glass window is installed into your current window frame.  This way, your window will still open but still have added energy efficiency and noise reduction.

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