vinyl windows winnipegYour property most likely has several different entry doors; one at the front, one at the back and maybe a couple at side of the property. However, it’s the front door that has by far the biggest impact upon the property and we’re going to explain why. Firstly, it’s much more visible. Front doors can often be seen by anyone that passes by your property and it influences how your property is perceived, whereas side and back doors are often tucked out of sight and will likely only be seen by you and your family. Secondly, your front door will almost certainly be used at least several times each day, while other entry doors might only get used as little as once or twice a week. This means that front entry doors not only have to look good, but they have to be able to perform and stand up to the local climate too (which is no easy task in Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg).

Our Guide to Choosing Front Entry Doors: Get it Right the First Time

As one of the most experienced windows and doors companies in Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners select new front entry doors and below you’ll find some of the top tips we usually offer to facilitate the process.

  • Carefully Consider Material – There are many different materials available nowadays when buying new front entry doors and this is one of the main factors that will influence the overall cost of your new door. Don’t just think of the initial upfront cost though; choose a door based on the cost that will likely be incurred over the next 10 – 15 years (or however long you plan to keep it). Some materials have higher R-Values and therefore do a better job at naturally insulating the property, cutting energy bills down significantly. Fiberglass entry doors have become very popular in recent years for this reason, but wood and steel also remain two of the leading choices.
  • Style and Color – These are the two features of your new front door that really allow you to put your own personality and stamp on the door and your home’s exterior. Are you looking for a door that blends in and complements the rest of the property’s front exterior (black, white or a shade of brown is common) or do you want to be a bit bolder and make the door stand out? Brighter colors such as yellow, orange and red have grown in popularity in recent times and give the door a more contemporary look and feel. Incorporating glass into the door’s design can help to give it more of a classic appearance.
  • Pair The Door With a Secure Locking System – The locking system is an area that we advise all homeowners to look into carefully when selecting new entry doors, as your personal safety is a top priority. Many entry doors come with standard deadbolts or a single point lock, but these systems put all the pressure on one point of the door when force is applied and are easier to break into. We would strongly recommend you consider a multiple point locking system, which distributes the pressure evenly and does a much better job of resisting force.

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