There is Beauty to be Found in Bathroom WindowsAsk 10 people if they prefer bathroom windows and they poll maybe split right down the middle. The facts are some people like them and some people do not. Here at windows edmonton we have several attractive options that may just convert those who do not like windows in bathrooms to the “lighter” side of life. One reason many who do not prefer to have windows inside their bathroom is privacy. Some would prefer to not have a window rather than be concerned with the potential of a peeping tom. There are remedies for this concern that are sure to suit nearly all tastes and preferences.

What Are My Bathroom Window Options?

There are several things that can make your bathroom windows more secure and safe from wandering eyes. The first and most obvious is an opaque glass. An opaque glass is frosted glass that allows light to penetrate with allowing the person inside the room to be seen even remotely clearly. For those with a more stylish flare the options are countless to what you can have etched into the glass. Leaves and stylish swirls seem to be some of the most popular but basically if you can imagine it, then it can be etched into your opaque glass to suit your decorating preferences.

What are My Alternatives to Replacing my Bathroom Window?

When you prefer not to go as far as actually replacing the windows, there are additional options for the shower window. You can purchase adhesive films to place over the window and achieve the opaque effect. Along with the adhesive film option there is also a version of the frosting that can be sprayed on the window to achieve the desired finished product. These options are substantially more affordable than replacing the window totally.

Along with the options listed above there are also alternative ways to change the look of and achieve privacy in the bathroom. You can also use curtains, shutters or blinds to secure your privacy. Curtains are the most versatile for those who are more on the decorative side. The vast options for curtain designs makes the options limitless and often the most affordable option for those on a limited budget. The block the window when desired and add décor to the room at the same time. Blinds are also an option and there are several varieties of these as well to suit various design tastes.There are roller blinds, vertical blinds, venetian blind and Roman blinds. These not only come in various sizes but also come in an assortment of colors to coordinate with décor. Another reason that blinds are so accommodating for bathroom windows is their ability to withstand a very humid environment. This makes them not only an affordable but also a reasonable choice when seeking an option that will meet a tight budget.

When searching for your best options for replacement of your bathroom windows we at Weather Pro Windows and Doors would be honored to assist you in your quest to find the proper items to suit your specific needs.