Windows and doors have become such an ordinary, mundane piece of our lives that we often forget their significance. They have the power to enclose and encapsulate our interior environment, to insulate our home, to separate it from the hardships of weather and storms. By opening exterior doors, we can connect two entirely separate environments, by closing them, we entrust that the barrier is secure. But what happens when our windows and doors deteriorate?

Why are Windows and Doors Important in the Home?

Temperature Control

Canada is no stranger to weather extremes. In Edmonton and Calgary, freezing winters provide ample excuse to snuggle away in the comfort of our homes. But we rely on quality windows and doors for that comfort. We trust that they will protect us from the elements, and prevent the cold from entering into our homes. Warm rooms should stay warm, and air conditioned rooms should stay air conditioned. This is what we can expect from windows and doors that are in good condition.

Aesthetic Appeal

Beyond displaying a great view of the outdoors, windows and doors can also add an aesthetic appeal themselves. Like an ornate frame to a beautiful masterpiece, the perfect vinyl window  or patio door can complement and highlight the appearance of your home. In decorating your home, consider the impact that windows and doors have on the exterior and interior appearance.

When Windows and Doors Deteriorate, Why is it Important to Replace Them?

Energy Efficiency

While windows and doors help with temperature control, a deteriorated window or door provides opportunity for temperatures to leak, condensation to gather and your energy costs to soar. The edges and seals of windows and doors are the most vulnerable to deterioration, and that is where the most leakage can occur. A wooden frame rotting, a seal warping with temperature, or dust and water accumulating to break the seal can all contribute to decreased energy efficiency. With these openings, your precious heat and air conditioning, and all the money paying for them, goes flying out the window.

Preventing Future Maintenance

A deteriorated window or door can provide constant annoyance by allowing noise to filter through, bugs to enter and temperature leakage. Little band aid fixes, like unappealing caulk or additional sealant, can resolve the issue for a short period of time, but require consistent maintenance. A high quality replacement window, especially those that Weather Pro offers, can serve your home for years with virtually no maintenance.

Opportunity to Improve Appearance

Just as windows and doors have the opportunity to highlight your homes features, a deteriorated window or door can have the contrary effect. Rotting wood or warped framing can draw attention to your home’s faults and away from the beauty of it. Replacement projects give you the opportunity to restore your home’s beauty, or even create a customized new look.

The entrances to our home have the potential to do a lot more than just allow entry. By investing in high quality windows and doors, we can save money on energy costs, impress our neighbors and friends with the beauty of our homes, and even make our home that much more personalized and “home-y”. To look further into buying windows and doors, either for home construction or as a replacement project, check out our website or call toll-free at 1-855-814-1PRO.

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