Are you pweatherpro.caerhaps thinking of installing new exterior doors for your home? Or maybe you are deep in the complex process of planning and building your new home, and are wondering how to use exterior doors to dramatically enhance the style of your home.

At Weather Pro Windows & Doors we offer exterior doors in a huge variety of sizes, styles, materials, and forms. Our selection includes fibreglass doors, wrought iron doors, decorative glass doors, and various patio door options, such as French doors. With Weather Pro you can trust that our experienced designers and technicians will pay close attention to your every need, offering their professional advice and help as necessary. We would be happy to consult with you should you want to discuss your various exterior door options, but in the meantime here are some style ideas to inspire your imagination.

Going for the Bold & Dramatic

When considering various style ideas for your exterior doors, the first thing to remember is that beauty and personality is not simply about the door itself. Given, Weather Pro Windows & Doors manufactures and installs beautiful doors, but there is more to creating the perfect entrance to your home than the door itself. If you would like your exterior door to create a more dramatic statement than most, here are a few ideas:

  • Use colour, and use it well! The more conservative among us would usually choose a classic, time-tested colour for our exterior doors. Browns, blues, and greys are nice, but they do not lend a lot of personality to your home, if this is what you are going for. Your first instinct might be to shy away from a brightly coloured exterior door, but fight that instinct for a second and you might find that that lime green door is exactly what your home’s exterior needs to add that extra punch. Of course, you will need to consider if the colour in question might clash with another element in the surrounding area, but it’s also possible that it could complement your property’s surroundings, like the flowers in your front yard.
  • Spruce up your entryway. Line a walkway with shrubs or colourful flowers, or refresh your banisters and doorframe with a fresh coat of paint. Use the surrounding elements to enhance the beauty of the exterior door that you end up selecting. Perhaps you are using a calm, white and grey colour scheme for your home. Place bright blue flowerpots on either side of your doorway to frame the entrance simply, yet with personality to boot.
  • Create character. Use ornaments to give your exterior door a striking personality. Invest a little in a custom-wrought front door lock, for example, or look into getting a special wood carving embedded in your exterior door. You can explore the many options that decorative glass doors offer, or think about using other materials like stone or metal to give your exterior door that extra, original twist.

Classic Style Ideas

Perhaps you are interested in well-worn, classic elements to enhance your exterior doors instead. Here are a few things that you can do:

  • Use trim and charm. It is the details that give classic looks their subtle character. Think about the various options for how you might utilize intricate trim and moulding designs on the door and around the door frame. Or perhaps an understated portico would add that element of charm that has been lacking thus far. Further, you might consider expanding your door frame in order to incorporate a classic element like sidelights which will complement the entrance to your home.
  • Frame your door with stone accents. A nicely-framed entryway is always a classic, beautiful addition to exterior doors. Stone is an especially welcome addition, being one of the oldest, most durable building materials available. The statement and character that a stone-framed doorway makes is timeless. You cannot get more classic than that.
  • Use lighting to create the right atmosphere. This is one way you can easily enhance the appearance of your exterior doors. Perhaps two gas lanterns on either side of your exterior door would do the trick. All you need to do is use your good taste in selecting lamps that will create the effect you are going for. Place them symmetrically on either side of your front or back door to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.
  • Invest in a solid wood door. The inherent aesthetic value and quality of wood is unmatched when compared to other exterior door options. Nothing comes close to an attractive wood door; whether the design is simple or elaborate, and no matter what shade of stain you choose, your wood door will stand out. Choose other classic elements to highlight your exterior door, and the entrance to your home will be complete.

A Different Personality

If none of the options above interest you, you may be interested in a more contemporary or understated look and feel for your exterior doors and entryways. Or perhaps you would like to express something altogether different. Consider these ideas:

  • Keeping it casual works. If you are not interested in making a bold statement, or excited by classic elements, then feel free to keep it casual. Let your choice simply express the personality that you desire it to have. If you want to keep your exterior doors simple and free of trimmings and ornamentation, that could be made to work well. Maybe you are interested in a more carefree, natural look and feel, in which case you may indulge in a slightly crowded garden that may lead nicely to your well-kept front porch.
  • Incorporate the material elements. Consider your choice of colours and materials carefully. To create a contemporary look and feel, you will want to make sure that you select just a few primary elements, and make them work together flawlessly. You will not want to crowd out the best elements and create a “cluttered” look. Choose a concept and build upon it, whether that concept is “red”, “clean lines, zero clutter”, “farmhouse”, or “playful”.

Professional Manufacturers and Installers of exterior doors

At Weather Pro Windows & Doors we are truly committed to assisting our clients in making the best choices possible for their homes. Remember that all our exterior doors are Energy Star certified, and that we are a licensed, bonded, and accredited company. Call us for a free consultation today.

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