We’ve been tasked with installing patio doors at many Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg properties since we started operating, and the two main options are sliding patio doors and French style patio doors. Many of our clients struggle to choose between these two options, wondering if one slightly edges the other in terms of the benefits it provides, and this is a subject that we get asked about a lot, so we thought we would put together a blog post about it.

The Pros and Cons of Sliding Patio Doors

You are probably already aware of what sliding patio doors are (the name is quite self explanatory), but just in case you’re not, sliding doors slide horizontally along a track that is installed parallel to the wall. They generally produce somewhat of a modern aesthetic when installed.

One of the main advantages of sliding patio doors is that they take up very little space, which is ideal if the room in which they are installed contains a considerable amount of furniture or the area immediately outside the door contains some landscaping features. One of the other big advantages of sliding patio doors is that they are relatively easy to adjust should the foundations of your home shift (this is not as uncommon as you might think) and it’s likely that no expensive modifications will be required. Additionally, sliding patio doors are often available at a considerably lower price point than French doors, which is great if you’re on a budget.

In terms of shortcomings, sliding patio doors aren’t a great fit for older homes that boast a more classic or traditional aesthetic, and when they are installed in such a setting it can make the overall design feel a bit disjointed. Additionally, if you’re likely to need to be able to move large items or will have a lot of foot traffic through this door, the wider opening that French doors provide might be more suitable.

How Do French Patio Doors Compare?

French patio doors are much more like the doors that you have installed inside your home in terms of how they function. They are mounted on hinges and will swing either inwards or outwards (the latter option is usually preferred) to open and close.

In terms of how they measure up to the sliding option we mentioned above, we’ve already touched upon some of their benefits. They offer a wider opening when both panels are opened, which may or may not be important to you, and due to there being no track that the doors run along, you are less likely to trip over when stepping through the opening. French patio doors are probably the better choice if you’re looking to achieve a classic look and feel, but that will come at added cost.

Many homeowners in Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg that contact us for help are often initially worried about installing either type of patio door due to concerns about security and how vulnerable these doors appear. However, owing to improvements in the strength of the glass used (shatterproof varieties are available) and the widespread use of multiple-point locking systems, modern patio doors are far more capable in terms of security.

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