vinyl windows winnipegA window replacement is not a project that is undertaken very often. In fact, you may never have had to buy new windows before at all. If this need has arisen recently, maybe due to an unexpected breakage or just because one or several of your windows have finally succumbed to the harsh weather conditions they are subjected to in Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg every year, selecting a qualified contractor is something you absolutely must get right. While many articles talk about things you should look for during the hiring process, in this article we’re going to outline a few signs that indicate a contractor isn’t qualified to complete your window replacement project.

Don’t Work With a Window Replacement Contractor That…

Windows play several vital roles in the standard home and must be energy efficient, secure and attractive. Even if you select and purchase top of the line frames and glazing, if the contractor you work with doesn’t meet certain minimum standards, few to none of the aforementioned objectives will be met. Look out for the following red flags:

  • Unwilling to Show Their Business License – Why? Well, maybe because they don’t have one to show. The ease with which individuals can now advertise their services using the internet and the high levels of people struggling to make ends meet has led to a considerable rise in unqualified handymen advertising various kinds of trade services, including window replacement. These “contractors” likely have no experience of installing windows and doors and should not be trusted with your project.
  • Won’t Show Insurance or Bonding Documents – Again, these are things that any reputable windows and doors contractor should have and if the contractor refuses to show you them when you ask, you can only assume that they don’t have these documents. This automatically makes them a contractor that you shouldn’t work with, since if something goes wrong and they damage your property or get injured on the job, you’ll be the one that has to foot the bill.
  • Demands Payment in Full or Large Cash Advance – A window replacement project can cost a lot of money (thousands depending on the type of windows selected and the number) and any contractor that demands full payment upfront will likely “cut and run” as soon as they receive it. Likewise, a contractor asking for a significant cash advance is likely a scammer. You should agree on a payment schedule prior to agreeing to work with a contractor and you should only have to make a small deposit in advance.
  • Low Bid, High Pressure Tactics – This is an old favourite of unqualified or untrustworthy window replacement contractors. They will low ball you with a bid that is much, much lower than any other quote you receive and then tell you that the offer is only valid today, hoping that this combination will prompt you into acting without assessing all of the details.

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