Everyone wants a good deal when it comes time for window replacement. However, not all windows companies are not honest when it comes to discount windows and doors. They often use sales tactics that are misleading or dishonest.

Fortunately, we are well aware of these tactics and are here to point them out so closures know what to avoid when shopping for doors and windows in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina & Saskatoon. Look out for the following sales pitches when pricing windows and doors companies.

4 Things to Avoid When Looking for Discount Windows and Doors

No Payments for 12 Months

Often, salespeople will offer consumers now payments for one year as a tactic to win their patronage. This might seem like a great deal for those who are looking for cheap window replacement. However, they will be shocked when the year is over, and they are required to start making payments when they discover that their payment is much higher than they were quoted at the time of the sale. This is due to the fact that the finance company pays upfront for the purchase and then charge the windows company a high interest rate, which the company then passes on to the customer.

Neighbourhood Discount

Discount windows and doors companies will often try to persuade customers to sign a widows purchase agreement by implying that they are only offering discount rates in that specific neighbour for a limited time. They will encourage potential customers to sign now, so they will not lose the opportunity for this special rate. Never be swayed by this sales approach as a trusted windows and doors company will never target a specific neighborhood at any given time. Rather, they work with a number of areas at one time.

Free Installation

Be wary of those companies that offer free installation of their discount windows and doors. These companies still have to pay the instalment team for their efforts so unless the windows installers are offering their services for free, the company will then jack up the price of the final bill in order to cover the “free” installation costs.

Unrealistic Discounts

Look out for companies that offer discounts that are “too good to be true.” This includes discounts such as “3-For-1-Windows” or large discounts that are higher than thirty percent. Unless the windows and doors company manufactures, sells and installs their own products these types of discounts are unrealistic. Most discount windows and doors companies who boast of these types of discounts will then take the difference to the final cost. Therefore, you are not really saving any money and in most cases, you will end up paying even more.

WeatherPro Windows and Doors in Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina & Saskatoon does not offer any of these discount windows and doors sales tactics. We stand behind our quality windows and doors as well as our customer service, from start to finish. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate for replacement windows and doors.


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