Replacement Windows for WinnipegThe only things standing between you and the outside world as you watch TV, surf the net or sleep are the windows. If your windows are in excellent shape and have double or triple pane glass then you’re in good shape too. If, however, your windows are relics of the post WWII era that allow more heat in than they retain and rattle when the wind picks up you’re at the point that they need to be replaced. Replacement windows for Winnipeg homes is one of the few improvements that carries with it not only an aesthetic imperative but financial, health and security ones as well.

The Wisdom of Replacement Windows for Winnipeg Homes

Old worn out windows negatively impact your home in multiple ways. They’re not only an eyesore, they’re a danger to your family’s health and much more.

  • Heat loss: Old rickety windows leak heat like a sieve. They also allow for cold drafts in the winter time. It’s a fact that a cold, drafty home will make it harder for people to stay healthy and, if they get sick during the cold and flu season, extend their recovery time. On a practical note all the heat loss is money that’s coming out of your pocket and just disappearing into thin air without you ever seeing any benefit. Perhaps you have so much money you don’t care. If not, it’s time to replace the windows.
  • Curb appeal: You may think that no one notices your old worn-out windows except you but you’d be wrong. Every one of your neighbours notices as well and while they might not say anything directly to your face you can bet they have some pretty interesting conversations over their dinner table about how your house is dragging down home values in the neighbourhood.
  • Resale value: Few home improvement projects will add the same kind of value as replacement windows. Winnipeg homes with new, energy efficient windows become more valuable the minute the installation is complete and will retain that increased value for many years to come. Replacement windows typically provide a 90% ROI which is better than everything but a front entry door replacement and a major kitchen remodel.
  • Security: Old, broken down window frames are one of the easiest weaknesses for a burglar to exploit. It doesn’t take much effort to pry open a window that’s anchored to a weak, rotting frame and gain entry. By contrast, new aluminum or vinyl windows provide a unified front against intruders. There’s no weak frame to be exploited and the locking mechanisms on new windows are many times more secure than those on old wooden windows.

Replacing your windows is one of the smartest, most cost effective decisions you can make. It will help you protect the value of your largest single investment while at same time securing your family from unwanted intrusions and excessive energy bills. Call the experts at Weather Pro Windows and Doors today for more information about the many benefits of replacement windows in Winnipeg.