The real value of replacement windows, especially in cities with harsh winters such as Regina, Saskatoon & Winnipeg, is hard to measure as it often has more to do with the feeling you get when you pull up to your house once the job is complete: a feeling of pride, a feeling of satisfaction, a feeling that you’ve done the right thing for your home and family. How do you measure such things? The process that leads you to replacing your home’s windows is often a lot more direct and easily understood and usually begins with some form of home assessment.

Why You Should Consider Replacement Windows in Regina, Saskatoon & Winnipeg

As the cost of buying or building a new home has skyrocketed many homeowners have decided to take a closer look at the house they already have. If you’re one of them what you probably concluded is that your aging home is actually brimming with possibilities that could be unlocked by making just a few alterations. It’s during this evaluation process that you may have first realized your existing windows will need to be replaced for any number of reason, such as:

  • They’re drafty when closed
  • The window casements are rotting
  • They stick when opening or closing
  • They provide little or no sound protection
  • They allow water to seep into the walls when it’s raining
  • They’re outdated, inefficient single pane design
  • They won’t match other planned renovations

Weather Pro Window and Doors – The Company to Choose for Replacement Windows in Regina, Saskatoon & Winnipeg

Once you’ve determined your windows need to be replaced choosing the right company to handle the job can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. You’ll want a company with years of experience, a knowledgeable staff that can answer all your questions and an impressive list of satisfied customers. We’re confident you’ll conclude that Weather Pro is that company.

Whether you’re remodeling your entire home or simply looking for a cost effective way to spruce things up while cutting your utility bills we can handle every aspect of the process for you and provide the perfect replacement windows to match your specifications. Our huge selection of top-quality, double and triple pane Energy Star rated windows include:

  • Bay Windows
  • Bow Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Double Hung Windows
  • Double Slider Windows
  • End Vent Slider Windows
  • Fixed Casement Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Single Hung Windows
  • Single Slider Windows
  • Specialty Window Shapes
  • Tilt & Turn Windows
  • Vinyl Windows
  • A complete line of specialty window shapes

Our team of qualified, experienced replacement window experts will find the right windows for your home and oversee every detail of the planning process. Our fully insured, experienced installers will take it from there and make sure each of your new windows fit their designated space like a glove. No detail will be overlooked and you will be fully engaged during the entire process.

At Weather Pro we’ve made our reputation by listening and responding to the needs of our clients. What we’ve learned has helped us grow as a company while refining our products and services to better meet the expectations of increasingly sophisticated consumers. If you’re in Calgary, Edmonton or Winnipeg, call Weather Pro today to learn more about what replacement windows can do for your home and discover that intangible called “pride of place” for yourself.

About Weather Pro Windows & Doors

Weather Pro Windows & Doors has years of industry experience and our goal is to use our expertise to help each and every client that approaches us, whether a first time buyer or a long-time homeowner, to find the perfect windows and doors that meet all their needs. We specialize in Replacement Windows, Vinyl Windows, Entry Doors, Exterior Doors and Patio Doors. Weather Pro Windows and Doors proudly serves the Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg areas. Visit us on Google+.