At Weather Pro, we specialize in the supply of both windows and doors, which means you only have to deal with one supplier when renovating the exterior of your property. Our range of replacement doors includes a wide variety of styles and sizes, enabling us to cater to the needs of all local property owners. Whether you live in a modern house featuring contemporary exterior style embellishments or a period property with mullioned windows, you will find the perfect replacement doors for your home in our collection. For prices and further information on our installation service, please do not hesitate to call us on 403-607-6163 during normal working hours. If you would prefer, you can use the form on our website to book your free, in-home consultation whenever convenient.

Why Quality Doors in Calgary Are so Important

Given the small area they occupy relative to the windows in your home, you can be forgiven for assuming that cutting costs when it comes to buying and installing new exterior doors is no big deal but you would be mistaken. The quality and fit of the doors we supply are of vital importance to our clients, for the following reasons:

  • Security – The doors and windows in your home are the weakest parts of the building and are therefore a natural target for burglars and other criminals. If you want to make sure that your property is not vulnerable to potential intruders, our high quality doors for Calgary homeowners are just what you need. Fabricated from the best materials to ensure good core strength and durability, our exterior doors will provide you with all the security you desire for your home.
  • Aesthetic Appeal – Replacing all your windows is an excellent start if your ultimate goal is to make your home the most visually appealing property in the neighborhood but unless you replace the doors too, the effect will not be as powerful as it could be. Take a look at our range of exterior doors today and find out why so many other local homeowners have come to us for help in the past.
  • Lower Heating Bills – If you already have high quality double or triple-glazed windows installed, your house will be more energy efficient than many others in the area but old exterior doors are often the weak link as far as residential property insulation is concerned. Make sure that yours are not letting you down by investing in some of our beautiful new doors in Calgary. Our entire range is Energy Star rated, which means that when you fit our doors in your home, you will be solving the last piece of the insulation jigsaw puzzle and waving goodbye to high winter heating bills forever.

If you would like a personal, no-obligation, free consultation before deciding which of our doors in Calgary you would like to have installed in your home, simply fill out the form on this page or call us whenever you have some time to spare.