Windows and Doors in CalgaryDrafty doors and windows can undermine all your of your other winterizing efforts and thus wind up adding some big numbers to your heating bill. Before the serious cold sets in spend some time conducting a thorough inspection of all your home’s windows and doors to identify and fix any problems that could lead to a winter of woe.

The Importance of Sealing Your Windows and Doors in Calgary

Here is a short checklist of steps you can take to ensure your doors and windows are ready for the polar vortex, or just the ordinary frigid and snowy Calgary nights.

  • Check Window Panes for Cracks – Even the smallest crack can lead to substantial heat loss. If you find any cracked panes, have them repaired immediately.
  • Install Storm Windows – If your home has a traditional storm window setup make sure they’re all in proper working condition and installed before the first Alberta Clipper arrives.
  • Caulk Up Gaps Around the Windows – If your windows are slightly older, gaps may have opened up around them that could turn into energy drains come winter. Take the caulking gun on a tour of the home looking for such gaps and fill them completely.
  • Use Window Insulation Kits – While they may seem so 20th century the fact is they can be invaluable for conserving energy in older homes. Don’t dismiss them for their low tech appearance. Instead focus on how much money they’re keeping in your pocket.
  • Install Weather Stripping – Tiny gaps around windows and doors in Calgary can cost you real money. Weather stripping can be purchased at any hardware store and installed easily around your doors and windows by anyone with a little patience.

If you’ve taken all of the above steps but still feel a draft coming from some unknown place use the tried and true candle method to discover where the air leak is. This entails taking a candle around the house, stopping in front of each window and door to see what, if anything, happens to the flame. If it seems to bend in one direction as if responding to a breeze then you’ve found your problem window or door.

Ultimately you’ll want to consider replacing your older windows and doors with new energy efficient ones from Weather Pro Windows and Doors Calgary. Call us on 403-607-6163 and talk to one of our highly trained sales professionals. They’ll help you make the right decision for the long term health of your home.