When it comes time to replace your entry doors, you should also consider replacing your patio and/or garden doors. As every door in your home is a source of home security, style and energy efficiency, you should weigh the pros and cons of both garden and patio doors before making a final decision.

The following article will give you some facts about patio vs garden doors to help you make a choice for replacement exterior doors.

Patio Doors vs Garden Doors: Which One Should You Choose?

Patio Doors Offer More Physical Space

Patio doors open inward instead of outward like garden doors. Therefore, they do not compromise the integrity of your backyard, deck or patio. Garden doors Canada area viable option for those who utilize that exterior door frequently to move things in and out of the home. As well, garden doors are preferable for those who wish to install a pet door.

Patio Doors Provide More Natural Light

If you love sunlight, then patio doors are the better choice. Sliding doors are mainly composed of glass surface due to their overall design. The ratio of glass to door thus provides them with a unlimited source of natural light as well as a picturesque view of your backyard space.

As steel or wooden doors have a smaller glass to door frame ratio, they are not ideal for those who value natural light. If you prefer privacy to sunlight, then garden doors are the best option.

Patio Doors Provide Home Security

Garden doors only have one point at which they lock while patio doors can be installed with security bars, kick locks and multi-point locking systems. They are the preferred choice for those with whom home security is a top priority.

Patio Doors Are More Energy Efficient

As sliding patio doors are basically an oversized window that doubles as an exterior door. They are extremely energy efficient as they are typically manufactured from high quality vinyl. As such, they can be installed with double or triple panes and additional Low-E coatings.

As steel or wood garden doors are not able to be designed with double or triple panes, they are not energy efficient as sliding patio doors.

Advantages of Garden Doors

  • Garden doors are ideal for those who want a rustic vibe for their home.
  • Garden doors have a refined, unique look and can boost resale value for those who are looking to sell their home in the future.
  • Garden doors offer plenty of style options for the window glass design. As well, they can be custom designed to your specification. This includes privacy features.
  • Double garden doors provide ample space for moving large items such as furniture or appliances.

As you can see, both garden and patio doors have their advantages. Patio doors are the better choice if you are looking for security, energy efficiency, ventilation, and natural light. Garden doors are ideal for those who prefer privacy and easy access for moving large items.

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