Patio Doors in Regina, Saskatoon & Winnipeg became a standard feature in contemporary architecture during the post-war building boom of the 1950s and have spread from their original use in Ranch style houses and motels to become a vital feature of nearly every type of contemporary home. Weather Pro sliding patio doors represent the apex of functional exterior door design and are at the vanguard of contemporary interior design philosophies that seek to more fully integrate the ebb and flow of domestic life with the surrounding environment.

Our patio door exceeds the industry’s highest standards for quality and durability. If you are looking for energy savings, superior insulation eliminates water and air infiltration between frame and panels. A one inch insulated unit with Cardinal IG’s XL Edge Insulating Glass patio doors allows for optimal thermal performance. Furthermore, the Pacific Series 1000 is not only durable, corrosion resistant and strong, it’s also aesthetically pleasing in an unlimited number of colours matched to your specifications.


  • 5 7/8” depth on an all vinyl multi-chamber profile design
  • Full perimeter double and triple weather stripping
  • 10 degree sill slope which optimizes water-tightness and drainage
  • Removable panel support • Premium sealant
  • Anodized aluminum tracks
  • Zinc plated double tandem wheels with sealed bearing
  • Extruded aluminum screen

The Many Advantages of Patio Doors in Regina, Saskatoon & Winnipeg

The advantages of this type of door are many. They can be used strictly to advance an architectural conceit or to actually create function where none previously existed. Some of their many uses include:

  • Integrating indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Opening up small cramped spaces
  • Bringing light into previously dark areas of the home
  • Maximizing space on a balcony or porch
  • Creating large multi-purpose spaces for entertaining
  • Creating an extra large portal for moving large items into and out of the home
  • Allowing for a generous flow of fresh air within the home during good weather

Weather Pro patio doors are some of the best in the industry in Calgary, Edmonton & Winnipeg. Manufactured using advanced techniques and built to last they represent the gold standard in sliding door technology and stylish design. As with many of our products though, there is more to these beautiful entry doors than meets the eye and their many positive attributes include:

  • Robust construction to ensure security while retaining a slender profile
  • A full range of colours to integrate with any interior design scheme
  • A weathertight seal that leaves the outdoors, outdoors
  • Multi-point locking capability to deter intrusion
  • Long lasting structural and aesthetic integrity

A Few Words About Safety and Security for Patio Doors in Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton & Winnipeg

Sliding glass doors are sometimes suspected of being a security risk and this is unfortunate because the truth is that if you are currently using older swing doors for patio entry and egress you can actually increase your home’s security profile by replacing them with our advanced sliding doors and here are just two examples of how.

  • Overall Security – Modern multi-point lock systems represent a more difficult obstacle for would-be intruders to overcome than the older swing door setups with their single deadbolt. Also, the uni-body construction profile of our door casement presents fewer “work-arounds” for industrious burglars hoping to find a way in by exploiting a weak point in the door framing.
  • Child Safety – A wide-angle, unobstructed view of the yard is of great benefit for active parents needing to keep an eye on younger children at play. Also, the fact that a properly closed and secured sliding door is more difficult for a young child to open than old fashioned swing doors means the odds of your child wandering out of the house unnoticed are also greatly reduced.

The advantages of modern Patio Doors in Regina, Saskatoon & Winnipeg run the gamut from aesthetic to functional to financial and security oriented. Having these beautiful, energy saving entryways installed in your home will add curb value, safety and visual appeal to your home while opening it up to the sun and fun for years to come.


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