Most homes look classic and clean cut with basic white vinyl windows. However, some homeowners prefer to add a bit of color to their windows. When it comes to color options, your imagination is the limit in most cases. Painting vinyl windows has become a common practice to add a bit of style to your home. Whether you want to stand out in your neighborhood or just add a bit of aesthetic to your home, painting the vinyl windows in your home is a cost friendly option.

The Whole Point of Getting Custom Windows Is to Stand Out

Making your windows look unique is basically the whole point of getting custom windows to begin with. There are a few factors to keep in mind when painting your vinyl windows in a different color. There has been much debate regarding whether or not color vinyl is as efficient or long-lasting as white vinyl. Colored vinyl also takes a lot longer to order than white vinyl. If you are in a hurry to complete the project, you will have to factor this into your timeline in order to get exactly what you want. Painting a picture window is a great way to add a dash of classy color to your home.

Matching the Exterior with the Interior of Your Windows

Another thing to consider before painting vinyl windows is whether or not you can change the interior color to match the exterior. This is something that a lot of people forget to take into consideration. Jambs and casings are not always available in the color that you have chosen for the exterior. While this can create a problem, an easy solution is to pick jamb and casing colors that complement the exterior color. You can also opt to paint the jamb and casings by hand, but the color does not always match completely.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing Colored Vinyl

A few other factors to consider when opting for colored vinyl is that the warranty on colored vinyl is not as long as on white vinyl. Dark colors tend to absorb more light, which can cause fading after so many years. Brown windows are a good option because brown tends to be a color that matches anything. However, brown windows can also fade more quickly than lighter colors. When the windows that face the sun are brown, they can warp a lot sooner than if they were white. Colored vinyl that faces the sun will fade while windows in the home that face north or south will be darker in appearance. Opting for lighter colors can help ease this problem a little bit, but the only way to solve it completely is to use white vinyl for your windows.

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