If you are considering replacing your bedroom windows you are probably already aware that the same style of windows that you have in your kitchen might not necessarily work in your bedroom. But what style of window is best for your bedroom?

The following article will highlight the features of the three most popular choices for bedroom windows in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Calgary, Regina & Saskatoon.

Top 3 Bedroom Window Styles in Edmonton

The right choice of windows in bedroom can not only improve the look and feel of the room, but it can also help with the overall energy efficiency and comfort of your home.

Casement Bedroom Windows

Crank style windows such as casement windows are the most energy efficient choice as they are the best at retaining heat on a cold winter’s day. They are designed with a compression seal around the window frame to keep the windows airtight. They are perfect for maintaining a consistently comfortable temperature year round.

As they are taller than they are wide, casement windows do not always fit ideally in those bedrooms which have wide window openings. In this instance, many homeowners tend to install casement windows along with other combinations of window designs such as bay, bow or picture windows.

Casement-Fix Bedroom Windows

One such option is a casement-fix. This combination includes a casement window along with a fixed window such as a picture window, bow window or bay window. Keep in mind that fixed windows are inoperable, so they do not open or close. Thus, they are typically installed with an operable window such as a casement or awning window.

When opting for this combination, you should also envision what type of window treatment you would like for your bedroom windows. Most homeowners prefer blinds or drapes. However, in cases where the casement-fix combination includes windows that are custom-made, typical window treatments might not fit.

Fix-Casement-Fixed or Casement-Fix-Casement Bedroom Windows

Another popular choice for winder window openings into combine three windows of which one or two are casement windows. The casement window would be placed in the middle or along the side of the fixed window.

The fix-casement-fix window combinations is better suited for those who wish for window treatments for their bedroom windows. If you prefer blinds, the casement-fix-casement option is more ideal so that blinds can be lifted for window operation.

All the above combinations can be equipped with custom features such as stylish window grids, decorative window glass, multi point locking systems and added insulation. As well, they can be designed a wide variety of colors, sizes, shapes and finishes.

Vinyl replacement bedroom windows are the better choice when it comes to energy efficiency As well, they are durable, so they will last longer than wood windows. Vinyl windows are the most popular choice among Canadian homeowners.

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