The Leading Company to Call for Vinyl Window Replacement in SaskatoonSome people are content with having windows that simply just do the job, that fill in an otherwise empty gap in your wall, and don’t tend to think beyond that. Here at Weather Pro, we won’t stand for that. That’s because we feel that windows should be more than piece of glass in the wall, which is we we’re firm believers that getting a vinyl window replacement in Saskatoon is the best choice when it comes to unlocking both the potential of your windows and of your home.

Your Current Windows vs Vinyl Windows – How Do They Compare?

If you’re considering a vinyl window replacement in Saskatoon, here are the facts.


  • For wooden framed windows, constant assault from the Saskatoon weather could leave you with windows that don’t close properly, have rotten casings and are in need of constant painting and treating.
  • Vinyl windows need none of this, merely just a quick wipe to get back to their shiny natural colour, saving you time and money and keeping your house looking beautiful from the outside.

Energy Efficiency

  • A key reason people opt for vinyl window replacement in Saskatoon is due to their energy efficiency. A modern, tight seal with high quality materials and glass panes makes them effective at retaining heat, saving on your energy costs and more than paying for themselves over time.
  • In contrast, your current windows may have a cold draft coming through or feature a low quality or single glass pane, losing a large amount of heat and forcing you to run the furnace into overdrive.


  • Having battered old windows with faded paint can create a negative impression of a home and those in it.
  • New vinyl replacement windows are fully customizable in terms of shape, size and appearance, and are definitely noticeable, helping to keep your house looking beautiful and standing out in Saskatoon.

Other Benefits of Vinyl Window Replacement in Saskatoon

  • Vinyl windows are quicker and easier to install than several other kinds of windows, resulting in a smaller disruption to your daily lives and a saving on labour costs.
  • Not only are they durable, they come with long warranties, meaning that you’re protected should something happen to them.

As you can see from the above, by choosing to install vinyl replacement windows in Saskatoon you’re not only keeping your house warmer, you’re saving on fuel bills, increasing the value and enhancing the beauty of your property.

About Us

With several years of experience as a market leader in this industry, we feel we’re the perfect choice when it comes to getting vinyl replacement windows in Saskatoon. With a team of dedicated professionals behind us, we can ensure that you’ll be overjoyed with both our product and our service.

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