If you’re weighing up whether to get new windows and doors for your home, there are many factors to consider. Often, replacing your old and inefficient ones, though it may seem costly up front, can save you money in the long run.

Windows and doors are a key component not just in your home’s overall look, but also in its insulation, energy efficiency and comfort level. They’re an important investment for any homeowner.

That’s why we’ve written this guide to help you weigh up your options when contemplating getting new windows and doors.

Windows and Doors: What to Consider

These are some of the many factors to consider when choosing new windows and doors for your Edmonton home.

  • Style

The style of your home will dictate what windows and doors you choose to replace your old ones. You want them to tie in with the current décor and of course boost your curb appeal. More traditional homes will probably steer clear of less traditional materials such as Vinyl whereas more modern homes can afford to more experimental with materials.

  • Security

Well-made, secure windows and doors increase the security of your home. Steel or Fiberglass doors are more secure than wooden, for example. And windows can be fitted with safety glass, locks and other burglar deterrents. The sturdier these are, the less likely you are to be burgled.

  • Energy Efficiency

To guard against the cold winters in Edmonton you want windows and doors that insulate well. Most these days are built with energy efficiency in mind. And not only is energy efficiency good for the environment, but also translates into massive savings for you. For windows, the glazing, design, glass type and seals can determine how energy efficient it is. And the insulation value of doors lies in their material.

  • Materials

Materials have a direct effect on the look, feel, security and energy efficiency of your home.

For window frames, the most common choices are between fiberglass, wood, vinyl, composite and aluminum. Choose fiberglass, vinyl or wood for energy efficiency, composite is an eco-friendly choice and aluminum stands up to rough weather conditions. Window glass can be found in single, double, triple, even quadruple, glazed. And now there are countless other variations to increase efficiency and security.

Many people tend to go for wooden doors which look beautiful but require a lot of upkeep and aren’t as secure as doors in other materials such as steel. They are also poor insulators when you compare them to their fiberglass or steel equivalents, which can be made to mimic wood very closely.

We hope we’ve given you an idea of what to think about and look for when contemplating new windows and doors for your Edmonton home.

At Weather Pro, we understand how much there is to think about when making an investment in your home.

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