Issues-that-May-Arise-During-Patio-Door-Installation-When-Converting-a-Window-to-a-Patio-DoorOne of the best things about living in the modern era is that anything goes when it comes to custom windows and doors. This includes patio door installation. Many Canadian homeowners are converting their old windows into sliding patio doors to provide an additional entry way to their home. As well, they can open up a room while also providing a picturesque view of your garden, backyard, deck or patio.

The following article will give some insight on converting windows to patio doors. Keep in mind that in most cases this will require a permit so be sure to check before starting the process.

Things to Keep In Mind For Patio Door Installation

Cut Outs Could Be an Issue for Patio Door Installation

It is wise to hire a contractor to install patio door. They are properly trained in converting windows to patio doors, including cutting through siding, stucco and drywall. However, not many are trained to cut through concrete so in this instance, you may need to do some extra research to find a contractor. This process is usually done a day prior to the installation to prevent your home from being exposed to the elements for as little as possible.

As well, cut-outs could be in issue when it comes to preservation of drywall. In the majority of patio door installations in which the window is being converted to a patio door, the header must be expanded. This could mean that you would be faced with missing drywall which requires the need to refinish and repaint before the project is completed.

Once the area is cut out to fit the patio door, that area must be reframed to ensure it holds the weight of the new door. As well, it is crucial that no air leaks or moisture is let into the wall structure.

Patio Door Installation is a Messy Job

Keep in mind that patio installation can be a messy job as it leads to a great deal of dirt and other debris. A good contractor will leave their work site clean, but you should be aware that this top of job leads to excessive dust, dirt and debris.

Electrical Wiring Could Present a Problem with Patio Door Installation

Depending on the location of the installation, the wall area surrounding it may contain electrical wiring. If this is an issue, you may need to hire an electrician to handle the wiring issues to prevent any problems with your electricity in the future.

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