Most homeowners feel that it is a wiser choice to put off windows Edmonton until the warmer months. However, it is often true that the best time to replace your windows is during the winter. While it is generally the norm that most windows manufactures maintain the same rates year-round, there are those who actually lower their rates or offer special promotions during the winter months. This is due to the fact that as the work load tends to be less, companies are more likely to offer promotions during the winter season.

When is the best time for windows Edmonton installation?

As mid-March and late April tend to be the busiest months for windows Edmonton installation as this is the time the most Canadian homeowners make their home improvements. As well, early Fall is a busy time as well as homeowners are prepping for the cold winter months. During these times, windows companies see a vast increase in sales and work volume. This is another reason that it pays to get your windows installed during the winter season. You can be guaranteed a speedy and timely installation of your replacement windows.

Benefits of Windows Edmonton Installation During the Winter

Fewer Delays

One of the advantages of during your windows Edmonton installation in the winter is that there are a lot less delays in the manufacturing and installation processes. In reality, it is true that your installation may be delayed a day or two due to inclement weather conditions. However, the overall time between actually ordering your windows and having them installed tends to be much less in the winter than during the peak seasons.

Professional Waterproofing

Weatherproofing your windows is one of the best ways to reduce your yearly energy costs, especially during the bitter cold winter months we often experience in Edmonton. Of course, you can weatherproof your windows on your own. However, waiting until winter to have your windows Edmonton installation is a great way to ensure that your windows are not only properly and professional installed, but also weatherproofed by a professional.

During the winter, it is easier for windows installers to detect abnormalities such as leaks and cracks in the window frame. At this time, they will be able to more readily identify the source of the problem and therefore can quickly remedy it. As such, this will ensure that your windows are weatherproofed just in time for the harsh winter weather. This can provide your home with better insulation properties, prevent condensation from building up on your windows and reduce your energy bills by up to forty percent a month. You can rest assured they your home will remain toasty warm and will be protected from the elements during the brutal colds winder months.

Consult your windows company to discuss any special rates or promotions they may be running during the winter months for windows Edmonton installation. As well, you can determine what style of windows are best for your home.


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