We live in a world of instant gratification and, ideally, transparency. Going to the supermarket, we can see the price of the milk on the shelf, the fruit in the basket, the jam in your cart, and know what it will all add up to at the checkout. When it comes to home improvement projects, we like things to add up the same way; that the price we are quoted is the one that we pay. But because replacement windows aren’t “one-size fits all” products, and they don’t just come off a shelf, how can we budget for them? There are many different variables, including size, material and glazing option, that can result in different charges and costs. An instant quote, while it gives you the assurance of a price tag, may not be accurate, and may later be adjusted. Would you like the price tag of an item to change when you’ve already put it in your cart?

What Doesn’t an Instant Quote for Replacement Windows Account for?

1. The Best Window for the Project

When you ask for an instant quote, you get exactly that. A quote for explicitly the good which you request- even if you are mistaken, or the previous contractor was mistaken. Windows and doors come in all shapes and sizes, with varying technologies, types of glass, and types of framing, types of sealants, and different themes for different climates. Even if you have enough details to provide a description of your current windows for an exact replacement window, there is potential that you are missing out on a window with greater air tightness, water tightness, ease of operation, or many other factors that contribute to determining the best window for your needs.

2. The Exact Goals of the Renovation

A phone call or an online submission can only be one dimensional. Your goals for beautiful exterior doors, or replacement windows that perfectly complement your patio doors, may not translate well in an email or online form. The instant quote is based entirely off whatever information you may provide. While you may be incredibly competent, an expert opinion and consultation can add dimensions and recommendations that will likely result in a superior end result.

3. Degrees of Customization

A consultation or further discussion provides opportunity for customization. By engaging in a conversation, you can discover new possibilities for your replacement windows, whether that be an ornate trim, a special fit and shape, or extra wind load resistance for harsh winters in Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg.

4. They are Just Focusing on Your Contract

When you ask for an instant quote, you must also think about the motives of the company giving it. If the only information you request is the cost, they may manipulate the quoted cost in order to appeal to your interests. That can mean a ridiculously low price for the perfect replacement windows, then during or after the installation, tacking on additional fees and costs. It could also mean a very high quote, in the hope that they can do whatever they want with that budget, and figure out your needs down the road. The concern with an instant quote is that it makes money the first priority- when really value should occupy that role. A low price tag and a product of shoddy quality is no replacement for a job well done.

While it may be convenient to get an immediate price listing for replacement windows, be wary of all of the factors such quotes may fail to take into consideration. It may be worth it to hold back a bit, and focus on transparency. Good communication and open conversation help to create a greater confidence in your budget than that fickle price tag you were once quoted. To start your own conversation, and begin your replacement window project, contact Weather Pro Windows & Doors or call toll-free at 1-855-814-1PRO.

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