How to Tell if Your Window Manufacturers Are Really Located in CanadaCanadians take great pride in the fact that the majority of our products are indeed manufactured right here in Canada. Recent changes in buying trends in reference to being eco-friendly and sustainable have had an impact on the window manufacturing industry as well as other Canadian businesses. Canadian homeowners put just as much emphasis on the fact that their windows are made here in Canada as they do on energy efficiency and window costs.

The trend with customers today is that they prefer to buy windows and doors that are only made right here in Canada. While there are many companies that both manufacture and sell their windows, as well as those that have been locally sourced, others will sadly mislead the customers with the impression that their products are “made in Canada,” when, in fact, they are not.

Window Manufacturers: Are My Windows Really Made in Canada?

The Competition Bureau is solely responsible for ensuring that Canadian window manufacturers strictly adhere to their claims that their windows are in fact “made in Canada.” By law, products sold in Canada are not required to carry the label of the country of origin. However, any and all products that are manufactured in Canada have to meet the qualifying conditions to be labeled as such.

The Competition Bureau will not challenge the authenticity of a “made in Canada” claim if all of the following conditions have been established:

  1. At least 51% of the direct costs for manufacturing or producing the products/goods have incurred on Canadian soil.
  2. Any claim or representation of being “made in Canada” is accompanied by the quality statement that is appropriate, such as “Made in Canada with imported as well as domestic materials” or “Made in Canada with materials that have been imported.” In addition, this should include such detailed information as “Made in Canada with 75% Canadian materials and 25”% imported parts.”
  3. The final substantial transformation of the product occurred on Canadian soil.

These criteria become a bit tricky when it comes to custom designed windows. Even though the windows may have been manufactured in Canada, the materials involved may not. Many window manufacturers have switched to importing materials, such as glass or vinyl, from other countries. This does meet the third society, but it also affects the direct cost ratio that is associated with the manufacturing process. Due to this fact, even if the window has been put together locally and meets the aforementioned criteria but is composed of parts that have been outsourced, the window in question cannot be considered to be “made in Canada.”

You can use the above criteria to determine whether your windows and doors have been manufactured in Canada. If you have any questions, you should consult your local doors and window manufacturers.

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