With winter just around the corner, homeowners are faced with having to deal with freezing temperatures that can lead to issues such as frost on windows. While frost might look pretty to some as it symbolizes freshly fallen snow and Winter holidays, it actually can lead to issues such as ice build-up and cold drafts.

Is it possible to prevent frost from forming on your windows Winnipeg? There are several steps you can take to stop frost and ice from accumulating on your windows. The following article will highlight some of these.

How Does Frost on Windows Form?

Summer and Spring, when the weather is warmer, humidity can cause condensation to form on your windows. The moisture in the air forms droplets on your windows, which turn to condensation. However, during the harsh winter month that we experience here in Winnipeg, this condensation turns to ice on windows. It can be trapped on the window panes and cause issues such as air leaks, which can lead to higher heating costs. As well, due to the cold draft, your home will feel chilly and uncomfortable.

To make matters worse, this same water vapour can then form on the inside of your windows as well. When the surface temperature drops below the dew point, it changes the water from a gas to a liquid. Over time, this can lead to structural issues on the window and frame. Over time, it will turn into mold and mildew, which can prevent health risks to those who suffer from breathing issues sue as COPD or asthma. If you have single pane windows, you are at higher risk for frost on windows as the water can then seep through the wall, thus affecting the insulation which can cause serious mold growth.

What Steps Can I Take to Prevent Frost On Windows?

If you want to prevent frost from forming on your windows, there are several things you can do. Following are some of the most helpful ways to prevent frost on windows.

  1. Inspect all plumbing in the home for leaks.  Make any repairs as soon as possible.
  2. Inspect gas appliances such as ovens, stoves and furnaces. Malfunctions in gas appliances with damaged parts can release harmful water vapour into the air.
  3. Do not over-water indoor plants. House all plants in one room to prevent conditioning.
  4. Avoid hanging wet clothes indoors to air dry. If you must air dry any clothing items, first dry time in the dryer for a time to remove excess moisture.
  5. Install a carbon monoxide detector. If you already have one, check to see if the batteries are still working. Replace them as needed.
  6. Store all firewood outside your home.
  7. Place rolled up towels on your window sills overnight to absorb excess condensation.

 If you follow the above steps, you should be able to reduce the amount of frost on windows. However, if you notice excessive ice build-up on the inside of your windows, it may be time for window replacement. Energy efficient windows can help prevent frost and ice on windows.

Still, have questions about frost on windows? Contact WeatherPro Windows and Doors. Our expert staff can give your advice and help determine if you need to replace your windows.


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