How to Match the Right Material to Your Property When Buying Patio DoorsYou’ve become tired with the dingy, cramped feeling of the space leading out to your patio and have finally decided to replace the old doors there with beautiful new patio doors from Weather Pro. The additional light they’ll allow into your home will brighten up that whole end of the house and make the space feel considerably larger by tying it in with the outdoors. The challenge now is to make sure the new doors look like they belong to the house by choosing the right materials.

Making Your New Patio Doors Fit Right In

In order to determine the right material for your new patio doors you need to take into consideration existing colours, shapes, volumes and materials and keep several design principles in mind such as:

  • Achieving Balance

    – Though most people never give the concept of visual balance a second thought, everyone knows imbalance when they see it. Your home’s facade needs to make sense with the size and shape of different elements working off each other to create harmony. Keep this in mind when selecting the size of your new doors.

  • Respecting Existing Lines

    – Your home has an existing set of lines that were created by the architect to move the eye across the surface in a pleasing way. If you disrupt these sightlines with poorly placed exterior doors the perception of your home will change, and not for the better. Take the time to study your home and try and determine the underlying sightlines. This should help you determine exactly where to place the new doors.

  • Colour

    – If your new patio doors are the only addition you’re making to your house be sure the colour of the framing matches the colour of the existing frames. If you’re changing all the windows and entry doors they’ll have to work with the established palette of the rest of the home.

  • Selecting the Right Materials

    – Now you can think about materials. Vinyl doors may work fine with wood or vinyl siding but will simply not hold their own when surrounded by cedar shingles. Likewise wood may seem out of place on a home with vinyl siding, unless that siding is textured: then it may be an excellent fit. If your home is a showcase of innovative design and materials, aluminum doors may be your best choice.

  • Materials Part II

    – It’s also important to remember that material considerations extend beyond the boundaries of the door frames. Plants, shrubbery, decorative stone work and lighting around the home are invaluable tools for introducing different material effects to a setting. They can play off elements like siding and trim and work as bridge materials that create a cohesive effect.

The importance of creating visual harmony on the exterior of your home involves more than 1 element. By making sure your new patio doors fit smoothly into the existing volume patterns, colour scheme and sightlines of your home your choice of material will be that much simpler to determine.

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