Windows and Doors SaskatoonOnce you’ve decided to go ahead and replace your aging windows and doors you’re left with a big question: how do you select ones that will be right for your home? It’s an important question because the wrong windows and doors can negatively affect your home’s curb appeal and ultimately its market value. So what are the criteria that go into selecting the right windows and doors for a home? In this post we’ll take a look at some of the most important ones.

Choosing the Right Windows and Doors in Saskatoon

Making sure the replacement windows and doors you choose for your home are appropriate means taking a number of different practical as well as aesthetic factors into consideration including:

  • Function – One of the first questions you’ll want to ask about any new window or door is “What function is it meant to fulfill?” Bathroom windows at ground level for instance will need to be frosted, etched or otherwise tinted. For maximum safety as well as ROI consider an insulated steel front door.
  • Style – This one is kind of a no-brainer but it bears repeating: you’ll want to match the overall, established architectural style of your home. You don’t want to be putting French doors on a mid-century minimalist house or large, unbroken window panels on an old Victorian. Use the architectural style that’s already in place as a guide.
  • Energy efficiency – Old windows and doors are heat sieves and in some cases only marginally better than nothing at all. Since nearly half the energy consumed by the contemporary home is used by the HVAC system it’s crucial to take the opportunity of replacing your doors and windows to finally address the ways you’re wasting energy.
  • Security – Old single-pane windows with rotting casements are an easy mark for burglars. The strength of the glass as well as whether you decide to use something like a security film on your new windows will be driven by the location a window will occupy once installed. For entry doors consider insulated fibreglass or steel for added security.
  • Sound – Most people are surprised how much quieter their home is after new doors and windows have been installed. This is because double or triple pane windows provide space between panes that works to buffer sound. Heavy, insulated doors serve the same function.
  • Price – Set a budget and stick to it. Failure to do so will likely mean you’ll have to abandon the project when only part way through. The last thing you want is to have half new windows and doors and half old ones. Talk about a curb value nightmare!

Remember, the process of selecting new windows and doors in Saskatoon is not rocket science but it is more than simply closing your eyes and pointing. Weather Pro Windows and Doors Saskatoon are committed to your complete satisfaction so be sure to call us with any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to selecting the right windows and doors for your home.