There are several options to choose from when considering your windows including metal, wooden, vinyl, and fiberglass windows. While all these window types are still available, the most popular are the vinyl and fiberglass options. One reason why many people choose a fiberglass window is its sturdy qualities. However, along with this strength comes a very heavy product due to the construction consisting of several layers of glass being fused together. Added bonuses of the fiberglass window option are the low maintenance and affordability compared to some of the other options.

Vinyl windows are the other highly popular option when it comes to window construction. This type of window is more popular than the fiberglass option for several reasons. While you can complete a window installation yourself, it is strongly suggested that you hire a professional to complete the process. One reason is to assure that you do not begin a job that you are not able to finish correctly, but you should also consider the possibility that some window warranties will only be valid if they are installed by a certified technician. Therefore, if you choose to install the window yourself, you could end up in a situation when if you have issues out of a window that you installed yourself, the manufacturer may choose not to stand behind their product warranty due to self-installation.

Why We Should Choose Vinyl Windows as Opposed to Fiberglass Windows

While it is strictly a personal choice to pick between the fiberglass vs vinyl windows, the reasons to choose vinyl windows do outweigh the reasons to choose fiberglass windows. One of the major reasons why vinyl windows exceed the fiberglass counterparts is their ability to better insulate your home. This is due to their construction having double or even triple paned options with air or inert gas between the panes. This allows for the window to resist drafts and other leakage issues. This helps your windows to be a better performing barrier to keep outside elements from penetrating your home.

We will list some more reasons to choose the vinyl window option below.

  • Vinyl windows are less expensive to manufacture, which makes them a more affordable finished product;
  • Vinyl windows are lighter, which makes installation easier;
  • Vinyl windows come in more customizable options with color variations available to accommodate your design tastes.

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