With fiberglass exterior doors, it is easy to go on and on about their many excellent qualities. But sometimes the facts get obscured in the process, when all you want to know is “how long will my door last?” for example, or “can I get it in blue?” If you are looking for exterior doors and are considering fiberglass as an option, then this article should be of great use to you.

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Ten Facts About Fiberglass Doors

Why are so many people opting for fiberglass exterior doors over wood doors or steel doors? Well, there are many reasons why fiberglass doors are a worthwhile investment. Let’s start with the basics.

  1. What is fiberglass? Fiberglass is a type of polymer that is reinforced with fine glass fibers. It is also known as GRP (glass-reinforced plastic), and GFK (for the German Glasfaserverstärkter Kunststoff). It is a very lightweight material, and is robust and durable; if measured against carbon fiber, however, fiberglass is not quite as strong and less stiff. All the same, fiberglass is used for various applications such as boats, vehicles, bathtubs, piping, surfboards, snowboards, and more. When compared to metal, fiberglass has very favourable strength ratings, and because fiberglass is easily mouldable, it is a versatile material that is suitable for high-quality doors and windows.
  2. New technology has enabled fiberglass exterior doors to be constructed in ways that were not possible before. The material’s technical properties have improved, as well as its aesthetic quality. Nowadays fiberglass doors that successfully mimic natural wood grain are commonly available. They come in a variety of wood “grains” and “stain” colors, offering you much of the look and feel that real wood brings. Fiberglass doors can also be painted to match any element or exterior.
  3. One of the huge appeal factors with fibreglass doors is the fact that they are incredibly low-maintenance. If you select a fibreglass door with natural wood grain, for example, you will never have to worry about re-painting or re-staining. Further, the material is durable and incredibly easy to clean; all it really requires is the occasional wipe down to rid it of dust and grime.
  4. Fiberglass exterior doors are very durable. They simply wear well, being extremely resistant to scratches, dents, and other small accidents. Some of the problems typical to other materials will also be notably absent if you choose a fiberglass door: no cracking, no warping, no rotting or splitting. What else? The material will handle harsh weather conditions easily, and keep the elements at bay.
  5. In addition to these desirable properties, fibreglass doors have a long life. Overall, the average fibreglass door should last for at least 15-20 years. They tend to outlast wood and steel doors, making the choice of fibreglass a worthy investment.
  6. In addition to their durability and strength, fiberglass exterior doors also offer tremendous thermal and noise insulating value. With regard to thermal insulation, the benefits are clear. Investing in a fiberglass door means that you will immediately start saving money on bills. Second, you may even be eligible for a tax credit due to your door’s increased energy-saving properties. Add to that the extra peace and quiet that a fiberglass door can offer you, and it becomes hard to understand why anybody would ever purchase a different type of door!
  7. The material composition of fiberglass exterior doors also offers a hidden benefit that the average consumer will probably never have heard of. Due to the fact that the material is composed of glass and polymer, the expansion and contraction of fiberglass (when affected by temperature and humidity) happens at roughly the same rate as regular glass. This makes the doors very compatible with glass inserts and panels. At the same time, the amount of expansion and contraction is minimal – this helps increase the energy efficiency of the doors, by not stressing its seals. Wear and tear on the seals will also be minimal, especially when compared to other types of doors, which often cause the condition of the seals to deteriorate quicker.
  8. If you are concerned about security, you should know that you cannot go wrong with fibreglass exterior doors. They have superior strength and security ratings, although the strength of the material must be combined with top-quality door hardware.
  9. Fiberglass doors are competitively priced. They are generally priced somewhere between wood and steel doors, and therefore represent the mid-range option. The quality that you get in return will exceed all expectations, however. Good exterior doors are indispensable to any home, and choosing to invest in excellent, affordable fiberglass doors is often a good option.
  10. Finally, besides being relatively affordable, fiberglass doors will instantly add value to your property. Why? Considering the many benefits that come as part and parcel of these exterior doors, the real question should be, “why not?” The beauty, durability, energy efficiency, and security of fiberglass doors are all contributing factors to why you will be well repaid for your investment in these doors. They increase your property’s curb appeal, and it is common for the return on this type of investment to be over 100%.

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