Nowadays, more and more people are investing in triple glazed windows for their home instead of single glazed windows. A single glazed window simply means that there is only one piece of glass in the window. A double glazed window will have two panes of glass instead of one. A triple glazed windows Canada has three panes of glass. Areas with bitter cold weather are recommended to invest in windows that are triple pane to keep the cold outside where it belongs. Double pane windows are an acceptable option, but they do not provide the same protection as triple pane glass windows do.

What a Triple Glazed Window Can Offer That Double Glazed Windows Cannot

Double pane windows do provide proficient protection from the outside elements, but in biting cold weather, they are not efficient enough to prevent costly heating bills. Double pane windows often need special features in order to keep up with the high-grade performance of triple glazed windows. All windows have an Energy Rating. This rating is developed after considering a number of different factors, such as air leakage, heat loss, and solar heat gains. Windows and doors Winnipeg can help you find the best triple glazed window options.

How Beneficial Installing Triple Glazed Windows in Your Home Can Be

Low E coating is applied as a sort of insulation that is invisible. This coating blocks out harmful UV rays from the sun while still being able to keep a balanced temperature. Low E coating also prevents the sun’s rays from harming your furniture. Between the window panes, gases like Argon or Krypton are utilized because they have the ability to conduct at least fifty percent more heat than air does. Simply put, there are far better options out there than just double glazed windows.

More Gas Fill Than Double Glazed Windows

A triple glazed window is more beneficial than double paned windows because a triple glazed has two different chambers that can be both filled with Krypton or Argon gases. This significantly improves the efficiency of the window. The third pane of glass allows the efficiency rating to rise approximately twenty percent more than that of a double glazed window.

Double Coating of Low E for Improved Efficiency

Triple glazed windows Canada can ultimately help you save money. To improve home efficiency, choosing a triple glazed window is a great option. Since these windows offer a third pane of glass, another coat of Low E coating can be applied. This ultimately increases the energy efficiency of the window because more heat is trapped within due to the extra layer of Low E. These types of windows are not only more efficient but also more soundproof. Triple glazed windows Canada will not leave you disappointed.

Save on Heating Bills

Choosing a triple glazed window over a double glazed is a smart move to save on your heating bills. These windows also offer the benefit of reduced condensation on the glass of the window. This means there will be less frost in the winter. Contact Weather Pro Windows and Doors to learn more about your window options.

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