Exterior Doors in Winnipeg – Not Just a Simple Door ReplacementHere at Weather Pro, we don’t think of getting a new exterior door in Winnipeg as a small change – we know how important it is. For us, a door isn’t just something you open or close, it’s the entrance into your world. Beyond that door and behind it lays the place and the people that you love, and so a good door should reflect that. It should make you feel safe, it should make you feel happy, and it should definitely make you feel proud – after all, it’s the first place people head to when they’re visiting you. Luckily for you, our doors will make you feel all of that and more.

Our Exterior Doors in Winnipeg

We’ve got one of the widest selections in Winnipeg, with our range featuring:

Whichever style of door you opt for, you can count on a few guarantees from us here at Weather Pro:

  • You’ll save money in the long run ­­– We know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s right. By upgrading your current door to one of our top of the range doors, you’ll save money. How? They’re incredible energy efficient. A good boiler is only as good as your insulation, and our doors are amongst the best at not only keeping heat inside your house, but keeping the cold outside – saving on your energy bills.
  • You’ll be safer than ever – Our exterior doors in Winnipeg come with a whole host of benefits, but none more important than their safety features. With strong locks, high-quality materials and the impressive Multipoint Lock system, by choosing one of our doors you’ll be choosing to keep you family and your belongings safer than ever – one less thing to worry about.
  • They last – As much as we’d like to sell you a new door every year, the reality is we don’t have to. Our doors are made of only the best materials and are carefully fitted by our team of expert professionals. With the right maintenance and use, you’ll have on your hands a door that will stand the test of time, children and whatever the Winnipeg winter throws at it.
  • They look good – With a large range of customizable features such as colour, finish and glasswork, you can have a product that’s not only beautiful but also just for you – not just another off-the-hook purchase. Our exterior doors in Winnipeg can be customized to give your home the unique sense of style that it deserves.

Weather Pro – The Best Choice

With a dedicated team of highly trained professionals who love their job and the best products on the market, we know we’re the best choice for the job. Simply give us a call or fill in the online form and we’ll be in touch to get the ball rolling on your new exterior doors in Winnipeg.