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Exterior Doors Regina, Saskatoon & Winnipeg

Beautiful exterior doors Regina involve you in their craftsmanship and engage your imagination. They present to the world a tangible expression of your personality and are the first indication of what a visitor might expect to encounter inside your home.

They also bring the exterior of a home to life by tying together shapes, materials and volumes and placing the overall design within an architectural context. Sound like a lot to ask of a door? In a way it is. But if you’ve ever encountered an entryway that didn’t fit with the house it was attached to you know how important it is to be careful when selecting doors for your home.

Selecting the Right Exterior Doors Regina, Saskatoon & Winnipeg

The first step in finding the right exterior doors for your home will be to talk to the design specialists at Weather Pro. They’ll bring order and purpose to the process by breaking things down into:

  • Function – Different doors are designed in different ways with different looks to serve different purposes. You probably don’t want an oak door with decorative glass and a formal overall appearance to open onto your patio. You wouldn’t use sliding glass doors for the front entrance. So job 1 is to determine which door or doors will serve which function.
  • Size – Do you want to fill the entire entry portal with a double door or perhaps introduce decorative elements around the edges? If the door is just one feature of a larger remodeling project you may want to change the size and shape of the entryway. But don’t worry, we can create a custom door to fit any size and shape opening.
  • Style – The exterior doors you ultimately choose must meld stylistically with the rest of the home. We’ll help you determine a style which complements and informs various design aspects of your house so as to create a single, visually unified front.
  • Materials – Not all materials work with all houses. And not all materials fulfill other requirements you may have by way of safety, security or aesthetics. Our wide range of available materials mean you’ll always be able to find a door that is appropriate for both the setting and function it’s intended to serve.

By this time we’ll have helped you reach a place where you have a good idea of what your new doors will be like. After that it’s just a matter of working out the details like surface texture and colour as well as the type of glass or design of the wrought iron elements (if any).

Installing Your New Door

Once you’ve settled on the right door or doors for your home the installation team from Weather Pro will take over and make sure they’re installed correctly. They’ll take care to ensure any part of your property where work is being conducted is treated with the utmost respect and they’ll never leave a mess. At the end of the process your new exterior doors will bring your home to life in a way you may never have imagined and you’ll have learned what many other consumers have already discovered: that Weather Pro is the right choice for all your door and window needs.

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