Exterior Doors in SaskatoonOver the years, our homes tend to deteriorate and lose their curb appeal, due to the battering they take from the elements. With a little care and attention, many of the effects of ageing can be reversed but sometimes it is necessary to spend a significant sum of money to achieve the desired results. If your home no longer looks as fresh and attractive as it did the day you moved in, a new coat of paint and exterior doors in Saskatoon could make all the difference.

Exterior Doors in Saskatoon: Is It Time You Replaced Yours?

We have compiled a list of telltale signs that now is a good time to be thinking about replacing your doors with some brand new ones. If you have already spotted more than one of these in your home, call Weather Pro today and we will be happy to prepare a competitive quotation for you to evaluate.

  1. Visible Deterioration – If the surfaces are cracked and chipped, or the hinges are starting to rust on your old-fashioned doors, you do not need an expert to tell you that it is time to look for replacements. Any visible deterioration in the appearance of your doors should be investigated to see whether it is reversible and if not, you should start to request quotes from local suppliers and installers.
  2. Drafts – If you can feel cold air in the wintertime when you stand anywhere near your exterior doors in Saskatoon, it is most probably because there is a gap between the doors and the doorframes. Another possibility is that your doors do not provide adequate insulation so the air around them becomes colder in cool weather conditions. In either case, replacement is normally the easiest solution. Gaps between doors and their frames are normally a sign that the material from which the doors were constructed has warped over time.
  3. Difficulty Opening and Closing Your Doors – This is another clear sign that the material used to make your doors has warped over the years. This is normally due to the continual process of expansion and contraction that some materials undergo as the temperature and humidity of the outside air changes. If you are planning to replace your exterior doors in Saskatoon, be sure to pick a quality brand that can withstand the local weather conditions.
  4. Light Seeping Through – If you can see any light between your doors and the doorframes, this is yet another sign they have become misshapen over the years due to continual expansion and contraction.

If you are not sure whether your doors need replacing, please feel free to call and ask for advice during office hours. We specialize in exterior doors in Saskatoon and the surrounding area, and would be happy to advise you if desired. In the event that you require new doors, we can provide you with a proposal covering the supply and installation of whatever you need, and carry out all the necessary work if the proposal is to your liking.