Exploring the Standard Patio Door Size in the IndustryWhen preparing for the installation of a patio door you need to take into consideration the standard patio door size. There are a variety of factors that come into play when making your final decision on a patio door, but the size is one of the main factors that you must decide upon early in your project. Once you pick your size then you can move on into the other options for your patio doors. The patio door can be a major factor in your home décor and style. The various types of patio doors play an integral role in complementing and setting a specific mood for that area of your home. You want to keep in mind the design of your home, your lifestyle and convenience of the door.

Various Styles and Functions of Patio Doors

There are several styles of patio doors that can be purchased but the most popular style is the patio sliding door. They have narrow stiles both vertically and horizontally with large panes of glass that allow for a large amount of light to infiltrate the home. French sliding patio doors are also an option, but they are different still from the swinging French door in the fact that they slide open rather than swing open at the center.  If you are needing a window that will allow access for large items going in and out of this patio door then the swinging French door is your best option. This door operates on hinges at the opposite sides and close in the center. With this function it allows both doors to be opened simultaneously and therefore creating a large open space to enter and exit the home through. Another less well-known option is the bi-fold patio door. These doors are ideal when there is a large amount of space surrounding the doors and these also fold away easily and neatly.

Another feature of a patio door not to be overlooked is the screen. The screens are optimal for ventilation during suitable weather. Some people view patio doors as more of an oversized window than an actual door. They are often installed at the same time as replacement windows. They have standard patio door sizes that are installed on a regular basis. Typically, these doors are an average of 12 feet wide.

Affordability and Functionality of Patio Doors

Due to the fact that patio doors are designed and manufactured the same way that modern windows are they attain the same efficient attributes of replacement windows. The improvements that have been made in manufacturing a more energy efficient window has carried over to the design of patio doors. Gas filling between panes and low-e glass ensure that patio doors can in a sense pay for themselves. With their ability to improve the energy loss with an old door, replacing it with a new patio door eliminates air leaks and allows for better energy saving to take place inside your home.

When you decide to begin your search for a patio door, we at Weather Pro Windows and Doors hope that you will allow our trained and well qualified staff to assist you in your endeavor.