Entry Doors and the Local Climate: The Importance of a Good MatchA lot goes into finding the right entry doors for your home: the style of the house, the location of the door, security, budget and more. One thing that often gets overlooked, however, is climate. A cold wind pounding your exterior doors with snow, rain, sleet and hail can drastically reduce the life of a door if it’s not made of the right material. Same with direct sunlight. Natural wood finishes don’t like direct sunlight any more than your skin does. The bottom line is this: just as the climate influences the type of roof you have it’s also important when selecting doors.

Choosing the Right Material for Entry Doors

The two most important factors when determining a door’s effectiveness and longevity are material and placement. First we’ll look at materials.

  • FiberglassFiberglass doors present a solid front against heat, humidity, snow and rain without ever cracking, warping or rusting. They can also be stained to look like natural wood and are extremely secure. If you think a door that can do all that is probably expensive, well, you’re right. They’ll typically cost more than other doors, but they’ll also outlast them.
  • Wood – Even in a harsh climate natural wood entry doors will look great; for a while. And if you put a ton of effort into maintenance they may even look great for years. But who has time for that? In a dry climate they’ll hold up better but will still require maintenance. So it’s up to you. You can have the cache, but it will cost you in upkeep.
  • Steel – Thunderstorms, blizzards, tornadoes and hurricanes are generally no match for a properly installed steel door. However, steel conducts heat. So if you live in an area subject to extreme heat a steel door may not be right for you.
  • Aluminum – Aluminum is generally desirable if you want a secure, low maintenance door that never needs painting and can be custom fitted to your particular needs.

Placement and Protection

You also need to consider where a particular door will be placed in relation to the sun and prevailing winds and what, if any, supplemental protection will be available.

  • Placement – Any entry doors facing south are facing the sun. Direct sunlight is brutal on lots of things and doors are no exception. If your entryway faces south you might want to consider a fiberglass or composite door. If it faces north natural wood doors may work fine.
  • Protection – If your exterior door faces south but is set back on a deep, covered porch you probably don’t have to worry. In fact, a generous overhang of any kind will help protect your door from nature’s most destructive elements and prolong its life.

You’ll want the doors you choose to provide you with a level of protection from the elements that’s appropriate for your location. But you’ll also want them to last. For that reason make sure that when considering which entry doors to buy climate is one of the things you take into account.

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