In Canada, it is required that every basement and bedroom must have at least one egress window in the event of an emergency. Do the windows in your Regina area home meet the egress window size and standards?

The following article will give you the details about the size required for egress windows. This will ensure that your Regina windows are in adherence with the fire codes.

Facts about Egress Window Size and Standards

It is required by the NBCC, National Building Code of Canada, that every home must have egress windows in every bedroom as well as the basement. This will ensure that residents have a safe and easy escape in the event of a fire or other similar emergency. Following are the window size guidelines required by the NBCC for egress windows.

General Requirements for Egress Window Size:

  • Tip: To measure your windows properly, you should do so between the jambs, sills, opening mechanisms, and sashes.
  • Egress windows must have an area that is not smaller than 3.8 ft2 (0.35 m2)and a dimension of that is not smaller than 15 inches (380 mm).
  • Bedroom egress windows are to be at a height greater than 1.5 feet above the floor.
  • It is not required to have an egress window if the bedroom is already equipped with a working sprinkler system.
  • Window security bars must be able to be removed easily from inside without the use of tools or detailed instructions.

Basement Egress Window Size:

  • Egress basement windows are required to have a window well with an opening of 30 inches in depth and must be 760 mm from the basement wall.
  • It is required for these windows to have a stair or some type of step ladder as a means of easy escape for guests or residents in the event of an emergency.

Bedroom Egress Window Size

  • Egress bedroom windows must meet the above size requirement and must be able to be opened quickly and easily without the aid of tools or complicated instructions.
  • Bedroom windows that serve as an egress window must provide sufficient airflow all year round.
  • There must be at least 5% of natural light provided by these windows on the bedroom floor.

Additional Facts About Egress Windows

  • Check to see if you have recently installed casement or slider style windows, as these may already be in compliance with egress window size standards.
  • If you need to install egress windows to meet the above criteria, you must first check to see if a permit is required before any constitution can commence.
  • In some cases, basement windows need to be converted to meet the guidelines, which involves cutting into the basement concrete wall. This must be done by a contractor to ensure that it adheres to the building codes in your area.

If you have further concerns about egress window size and requirements, do not hesitate to contact WeatherPro Windows and Doors. Our staff is up to date on the requirements for egress windows and can help you choose the right style of windows for any room in your Regina area home.



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